Najib “Penghasut” Clown Face Appears in Kpop Music Video, Racking Over 450k Views

What is the creative objective behind placing an anti-corruption protest symbol in the background of a love-dovey Kpop music video? That is the question that puzzled the local artist of the painting, Fahmi Reza.

On Friday (Sept 21), Fahmi took to Twitter and pointed out that his caricature of former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak appeared in Kpop song “Falling in Love” by Woo Jinyoung and Kim Hyunsoo. The confused artist asked if the production even knew that the clown face was Najib.

Source: YouTube

“An anti-corruption protest symbol from Malaysia could somehow make its way into a K-pop video,” said the 41-year-old artist.

The song is about limerence, the initial stage of a relationship, with the opening line goes, “when our eyes met, flower petals scattered bang bang.”

It’s sung by two singers who went through a performance survival reality show Mix Nine and the music video was published on YouTube on June 14.

Source: Twitter

Najib-clown face made a cameo at the 1 minute and 19 second mark as well as the 2 minute and 01 and 10second mark. The painting is hung on a brick wall inside a boxing gym. Perhaps the only relevant creative reasoning behind this is because the painting connotes a fighting spirit which somehow in a weird way fitted the boxing gym setting. We know we are forcing for an explanation here.  😂

When a netizen asked if the production asked for Fahmi’s permission before using the photo in the music video, the artist said he actually didn’t mind.


Fahmi’s controversial painting was previously charged in courts under Section 233(1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) for posting the caricature along with the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) logo, Malaysiakini reported.

He was fined RM30,000 and sentenced to a month in jail. The activist cum artist crowdfunded for money to help to pay the fine while the jail term was postponed pending for appeal. He successfully gathered the amount in February.

After the fall of Najib administration, he participated Vans Custom Culture Asia 2018 shoe-design competition and pictures of his #KitaSemuaPenghasut (We’re all seditious/agitators) made waves on social media. He managed to rack the highest online vote in Asia within eight hours.

Well, now this music video has a special place in Malaysians’ hearts. Watch it here below to listen to the happy tune:

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