Najib Says Letter to CIA Before GE14 Is National Secret

Last Sunday (Jul 19), FeedMe Malaysia citing Malaysiakini and FMT exposed the letter sent by former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak’s administration to the United States’ then-CIA director designate Gina Haspel. Signed by Director-General of Research Division in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Hasanah Ab Hamid, the letter was asking the America’s intelligence to support Najib in GE14 by presenting “any indication” to support Najib’s administration “even if BN won the election by a simple majority or just one seat”.

Source: FMT

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby today (Jul 26), Najib maintained that he had no knowledge about the letter and added that the letter was supposed to be a national secret.

“I don’t know (about the letter), it was done by our intelligence agency. It is not our policy to reveal such letters.

“This is a government secret. If we reveal it, it means nothing can be considered a government secret,” said the Pekan MP, as quoted by Malaysiakini.

Najib continued that the letter would not affect the election because the campaigning period was closing, “it would have been too late for the agency to affect the election results.” According to FMT, Hasanah’s present whereabouts are unknown.

He also denounced the claims that the letter was asking the US to back his administration if he wanted to declare emergency in the wake of losing federal government after GE14.

“As we all know on May 9, a transfer of power happened peacefully. Prior to that an allegation had surfaced that myself, as the prime minister, planned to create chaos and call for a state of emergency. The claim was that I was afraid to lose power.

“What I was accused of was utterly baseless altogether. If one referred to the Malaysian Armed Forces at that time, the police at the time, there was no special National Security Council (NSC) call made at that time,” he added.

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Prior to this, The Star reported Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng had urged relevant bodies to conduct an investigation to the letter which was sent five days before May 9. The minister said such letter threatened our country’s sovereignty.

“This is actually very drastic as it involves the sovereignty of the nation.

“It sounds like it was inviting foreign forces to intervene in the nation’s affairs.

“Were (similar) letters sent to other countries? Are there any other letters?” questioned Lim who is also Bagan MP.

Critics had claimed that the letter sparked speculations that if the US were to support Malaysia, Najib might have used National Security Council Act to declare emergency in a bid to stay in power after his defeat. NGO National Patriots Association (Patriot) president Brig Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji demanded the Pakatan Harapan government to probe into the matter as soon as possible.

You may read the full letter here.

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