Najib’s Lawyer Rescheduled Court’s Hearing Because His Dog Fractured Left Hand

Remember when you had to come out creative excuses when you forget to bring your homework back in the school days? Examples like “I left it at home” or even more bizarre “my dog ate my homework”. Well, now here is a timeless excuse we never thought to hear it from a successful lawyer.

According to Malaysiakini, the court of appeal in Putrajaya was supposed to hear the former premier Datuk Sri Najib Razak’s case in regards to the SRC International. However, his lead counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah claimed he had fractured his left hand after having fun with his pet dog last night (Mar 11) and he could not continue with the proceeding.

Source: selangorkini

The case now has been postponed to this Friday (Mar 15) which was suggested by Shafee himself since he needs time to recover from his injuries. He also pointed out that Attorney-General Tommy Thomas would not be free on Thursday.

“My pet dog jumped on me.

“I am now in pain and I need to seek immediate medical attention later through an X-ray scan,” he said in Putrajaya today (Mar 12), adding that it was his first time having a broken bone.

Thomas stood up to object the postponement. He said his office was under public pressure for Najib’s trial to begin as soon as possible.

“Everyone wants the trial to start as early as tomorrow.

“There is enormous pressure on the prosecution team.

“In fact, there is a global pressure on us for the trial to start. I understand the counsel has a problem but on the other hand, we are under scrutiny why the trial hasn’t begun,” Thomas said as quoted by The Star. Was the “on the other hand” pun intended? 😂

Court of Appeal judge Justice Zabariah Mohd Yusof who chaired the panel agreed to Shafee’s suggestion. Justices Rhodzariah Bujang and Lau Bee Lan were also on the panel.

Shafee at the Shah Alam High Court today (Mar 12). Source: The Malaysian Insight

However, if the fracture was true, Shafee seemed to appear fine at the Shah Alam High Court earlier today to represent Samirah Muzaffar who claimed trial to murdering her husband Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan today, The Malaysian Insight noted.

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