Netizens Love This M’sian Dressed As Rosmah to Zouk But Hate XiaXue’s Version, Here’s Why

Tomorrow marks the last day of October where many of us would celebrate Halloween.

And on that spooky day, perhaps the hottest figure to dress up in this year is no longer Harley Quinn but Datuk Sri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Prime Minister who faced 17 corruption charges herself (while her husband faced 38). Don’t believe us?

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Yesterday (Oct 29), netizens were met with a pleasant surprise after a person, presumably a man, dressed up as Rosmah. The caption of the viral post said Rosmah 2.0 was spotted in a Halloween party at Zouk, a well-known club in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Rosmah 2.0 was gleaming with a benevolent smile while having a picture taken with an enthusiastic passerby. That picture warms Malaysians’ heart because it’s multiracial, none-homophobic, the makeup isn’t overdone to evoke fear, and the Bijan paper bag is spot-on.

Source: Facebook

Even for the second photo, although he gave a sort of a sinister smirk, it wasn’t outrightly intimidating. That brings us to the question: why Malaysians hated XiaXue’s version of Rosmah but not this unknown cross-dresser slash Halloween cosplayer?

We are not saints but here are 8 deductions we think it’s the reason why. Don’t you worry, we won’t say it’s because ‘she’s Singaporean, leave our politics alone’, or we consider it as a ‘bully’.

Here are much better reasons to why we hate XiaXue’s, also known as Wendy Cheng, mockery on Rosmah:

1. Her makeup is straight-up terrifying

Knowing Rosmah has an inkling in Malaysians’ mind as a murderer and a black magic user, albeit allegations, acting out fully as though it was real with a scary look definitely put Malaysians off.

As much as we hate her, we don’t know how much these allegations were true. Thus, tarnishing her image to such a degree is unacceptable.

2. This whole furore could have avoided if Cheng smiled in the photo rather than putting on a killer-eye

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We are talking about the first picture and video she posted on October 18. Halloween is supposed to be fun. Maybe Cheng has missed the memo and thought that Halloween is meant to be outright terrifying, to scare one till he pees his pants. Sorry to spoil her wicked version of fun, it’s not.

She should have smiled as the Zouk clubber did.

3. She is a controversial figure that screams ‘bad publicity is also publicity’

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‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’… only if you want to be associated in negativity and oh boy, that is one of the reasons why Cheng is still going strong in her industry because she loves being engulfed in controversies. Take a look at how she responded towards the hate comments. It defines what she is as a person.

Furthermore, Mothership SG recently reported another controversy where she criticized ITE (Institute of Technical Education) students’ and National Servicemen’s performance in a segment of the National Day Parade. That’s like criticizing your nephew’s performance in Red Riding Hood sucks. Hello, it’s about the sentiment of the performance and effort put into it; it’s not made to deliberately impress you but to show and celebrate patriotism.

She completely misses the point, much like what we contended in #2.

4. She doesn’t even seem to enjoy herself in the making of the video

Not at one point in the 10-minute video could we feel that she enjoyed putting up wax on her face.

She was suggested by her fans to dress up as The Nun and Rosmah. She chose the latter, adding, “what’s scarier than rampant corruption in the country, right?”

Source: YouTube

Cheng said that as she stared right into the camera with a straight face and ended it with a fake chuckle. That was pretty scary to us already, no need impersonate Rosmah anymore.

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