Netizens Pork Out at Photos of Topless Hunk Man Selling Bah Kua in Kuantan

Sex always sells. But instead of the conventional sexualization of women, this time it is a man!

With Chinese New Year only a few days away, a beefy man goes shirtless as he roasts some juicy meat by a roadside in Kuantan.

The hunk posted photos of him barbequing Bah Kua, Chinese meat jerky, with his chest and six packs popping in full vantage.

“Lunar New Year is coming and our family’s festive delicacy will definitely make you coming back for more!” wrote Siuhau Neo.

Siuhau advertised his products on Facebook and said that his Bah Kua is prepared through the traditional charcoal burning method. It comes with vacuum packagings and there are no added preservatives. He also repeatedly assured that it is delicious and hygiene. But clearly, some of the girls out there want your sweat drips onto the sizzling meat.

Siuhau’s post eventually got picked up by China Press and it is revealed that the walking beefcake is only 24-year-old.

He told the daily the photos were made to share with his family and he did not expect it would attract the public’s attention. There are some negative comments about his photos online but Siuhau said he was unfazed by the criticism.

Since he was little, he has always loved sports. He was his primary school sports representative and always has a well-toned body envied by schoolmates.

“I only started taking time to go to the gym and climb mountains this year to train my muscles.”

Siuhau used to be a chef in a restaurant in Kuantan before heading to Korea for work about half a year in 2017. After his mother fell sick, he returned to Kuantan and began selling Bah Kua during the spring festival.

Other than China Press, Taiwan media have also noticed his sizzling meat business. Siuhau said some foreign netizens even reached out to him as they want to get a taste of his meat.

“After foreign netizens saw the photos, they also ordered Bah Kua from me. So I will deliver them to Kuala Lumpur in a few days,” said the shy hunk.

Source: China Press

He added that he does not go topless every time he barbeques the meat but when China Press reporters requested Siuhau to take off his top, he obliged after much rejections.

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