Perak 2yo Toddler Fell Into Kitchen Knife When Looking for Milk and Died

Always keep knives out of children’s reach. However, in a twist of event, this family failed to do that and it led to a deadly accident.

The accident happened yesterday (Feb 17) when two-year-old victim Nur Qhaisara Medina Supia fell onto a kitchen knife while she was looking for milk. The knife pierced her left abdomen at her home in Kampung Teluk Pial Baroh, Kuala Kurau, Perak.

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It was reported that the knife was left on the floor above a plate by her brother to peel mangoes.

According to Malay Mail, the victim’s 27-year-old mother, Hana Mazlan, said that the incident happened when she was trying to put her four-month-old baby to a nap at around 9.30am.

Nur Qhaisara, nicknamed Sara, was told by her mother to wait awhile for the milk.

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“Sara just got out from the shower and dashed to the kitchen, asking her grandmother for some milk without even putting clothes on”, said Hana.

Berita Harian reported that the girl stepped on a plate, fell and got herself stabbed in the torso. Her mother heard her cried, ran to her and hugged Sara without noticing her injury.

“I didn’t notice the presence of the knife at all.

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“No blood was coming from where the knife was pierced. But mother-in-law was still in a panic.

“She pulled out the 15cm knife from her, making Sara passed out”, Hana told reporters. Never ever pull out a knife from an impaled injury!

The toddler’s mother then asked the neighbour’s help to rush Sara to a nearby clinic. When she was in the clinic, her pulse was nowhere to be found. The clinic later referred Hana to the Parit Buntar Hospital and Sara was pronounced dead there.

Supian Samsuri, 42. Source: The Star

Victim’s father Supian Samsuri, 42, said he rushed to see Sara after getting notified. He told reporters that he accepted his daughter’s death, adding that Sara will be buried in the Kampung Teluk Pial Baroh Muslim cemetery today (Feb 18).

Perak public amenities, infrastructure, agriculture and plantation committee chairman Abdul Yunus Jamhari visited the family yesterday night. He was accompanied by Kerian District Council Member and they presented financial aid to the family to ease their burden.

Abdul Yunus, who is also Kuala Kurau State Assemblyman, was not only surprised by the freak accident but also sympathetic to the condition where the victim resided.

“I am very sympathetic that the accident happened to the family who has four children.

“After visiting their house, I was shocked to see the condition of their house was in bad shape and unsafe to stay in. This is a family that needs aids, I will try to help the family accordingly”, he said.

Abdul Yunus said he will discuss with the Kerian District Officer to allow the family to own a house in the Structured Village Plan (RPT) in Tanjung Piandang which is currently under construction.

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