Petronas Station Allegedly Mixed Fuel with Water, 20 Cars Stalled

Early this morning (Dec 28), some 20 cars were found broken down along Sungai Besi Highway after the drivers filled up their tanks in Petronas Station Solaris Besraya.

According to The Star, the incident happened at 7am and netizens alleged that the fuel used was mixed with water or diesel.

Broken down cars this morning after fueling at Petronas Station Solaris Besraya. Source: Twitter

The vehicles were said to have encountered engine problems and broke down soon after. Since then, the victims were stranded on the highway early in the morning.

Petronas was quick to respond to the issue. Responding via Twitter, Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) said the station in question has been temporarily closed down.

Source: Twitter

“PDB regrets to inform that approximately 20 cars were affected after fueling at the Petronas Station Solaris Besraya this morning.

“Our initial assessment indicates that this is due to mishandling that happened at this particular station. Petronas Solaris Besraya is now temporarily closed as we continue our investigations,” PDB wrote.

The company asserted that they would pay full responsibility and compensate the affected victims who had been contacted. PDB also said other stations in the country were not affected by it.

After some investigation by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), Utusan Online reported that the ministry had sent officers to go to the petrol station after learning about the incident.

Source: Utusan

Its Regional Enforcement Director Datuk Mohd Roslan Mahayuddin said, “About four enforcement officers from our Kajang office was sent to the location and informed by the petrol station owners that the problem was caused due to water contamination in one of the petrol tanks at the station.

“I was informed that the petrol station is taking remedial action should be operational again by 7pm today. At the moment all pumps at the station have been shut down to prevent more users from being affected,”

Roslan added that the station operator should bear the cost of damage done to the victims.

“On the part of KPDNHEP we have taken samples of the contaminated petrol and will see if there are any violations made under the consumer law, if there is a violation we will investigate and take the appropriate action,” he said.

Source: Facebook

In one the videos netizens shared, a victim said even motorcyclists were caught in the same trouble.

“Those who pumped a lot of petrol suffered engine breakdown earlier, while those pumped a bit of fuel would come into a halt later.

“You don’t believe you can drive down the stretch and see (the broken down vehicles),” said the middle-aged victim.

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