Photo Capturing Father Invited Homeless Man to Join Him for Bah Kut Teh Goes Viral

A photo of a father and daughter eating Bah Kut Teh with a homeless man has gone viral on Facebook.

Facebook user Willy Chong posted the photo on his profile and it has garnered over 7,000 shares since it went live on Sunday (May 19).

Source: Facebook

In the caption, Chong said the homeless man was staring raptly at the food that the people were eating in the restaurant, spaced out and was even rubbing his stomach.

“Then the father in red shirt asked the homeless man if he was hungry, to which the man nodded.

“The father invited the man to sit beside him and ordered a serving of Bah Kut Teh for the starving man,” Chong wrote.

For illustration only. Source: What2seeonline

Chong continued that the best part was that the Good Samaritan’s daughter was unfazed by a stranger sitting across the table and she even asked her father to serve him a cup of tea.

“The world is compassionate. I am very impressed by the father and the daughter.

“The father is a good role model and his daughter learned. This is the right way of bringing up a child,” Chong said.

Source: Facebook

He concluded by saying that this is the beauty of Malaysia where rakyat help each other out regardless of race and religion.

Netizens were moved by the father’s good deed and commanded how he has raised a kindhearted daughter.

Source: Facebook

“This is what we want to educate our children,” one netizen commented, while another added, “This is the veritable saying of ‘living by example’. If there is a good father, there will be a good child.”

The post was published on Wesak Day and many netizens said that the good karma will one day blesses on the family.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens also pointed out that the Bah Kut Teh restaurant seems to be in Kampar.

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