Photo of Topless Couple in Tight Embrace in Kota Kinabalu Water Fountain Goes Viral

While the European water fountains often have naked statues as centrepieces, it looks like Malaysia is trying to top that.

According to The Star and Malay Mail, a couple was found skinny-dipping in a famous water fountain in Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu. Photo of the tightly embraced couple has gone viral on social media, with some calling Kota Kinabalu the city of love now.

Source: Facebook

“Welcome to KK the city of 💕 love,” a netizen wrote in the caption.

The city police are aware of this photo but it is unknown when the photo was taken or if the couple was tourists or locals.

The couple was seen hugging topless in the shallow fountain which acts as a small roundabout. Based on the photo, their clothes seemed to be placed on a bench nearby and the incident could have happened during late night as the shops around were all closed.

The water fountain in Gaya Street during the day. Source: Facebook

City police chief Assistant Commissioner Habibi Majinji said, “We haven’t received a report yet, but we are trying to identify the source of the photo to get more information.

“You cannot even identify the people in the photo. We don’t know when, or if they are local or tourists. If we have more leads, we can investigate this further.”

Habibi told Malay Mail that the couple could be charged for public indecency when caught.

Kota Kinabalu City Hall had yet to comment on the issue and they did not receive any complaints of the photograph from the public especially when some social media users are claiming that the photo could be photoshopped.

The location of the water fountain. Source: Google Map

A City Hall official said that the water fountain has seen people, mainly children or tourists, dipping their feet into it.

“We’ve never had anyone gone in there topless before.

“Maybe we will have to put up signs to warn people against committing any indecent act or they can be arrested for criminal offences,” said the official who declined to be named.

An investigation on the matter is underway.

In March 2018, NST reported that a man in swimming trunks and hat was dipping in the same water fountain.

Source: NST


Love really has no bounds, especially in KK.

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