[Photos] Adorable Cats Looking out of Window Cause This Lady Late to Work in Shah Alam

If something could still catch your eyes when you are already running late, then it is probably a universal calling for you to stop everything you are doing and focus on it. This lady in Klang Valley did just that and it has got the whole internet thanking her for it.

Twitter user Frin posted a series of photos of cats hanging out by the window of a first floor flat. She said that she was running late to work but had to stop to admire the adorable furballs who were looking out the window, resembling much like what humans would do.

Feedme Malaysia reached out to Frin and she told us that she lives in a flat in Section 7, Shah Alam. The cats were spotted near her home.

She related that when she was heading to her bike downstairs, she saw her neighbour’s cats stuck their heads out of the window, as if to observe the passing by of people.

Instantly, she fell for their cuteness. Frin whipped out her phone and snap a few photos of the onlooking felines. She was calling out to the cats so that they would look at her way and did not even realize that she was trying so hard to get their attention on the street. The only acceptable catcalling in the world. ❤️🐱

After Frin took the pictures, she tweeted out with the caption, “Was late to work because of this….. Bloody goddamn cute aaaaaaaa”.

The tweet has gained more than 25,000 retweets and over 22,000 likes since the day she shared it.

This prompted many social media users to share pictures of their cats chilling by the window too.

Frin told Feedme Malaysia that she has cats of her own at her hometown Pahang.

“I have not seen them in months now.

“Probably, I was just missing them. So when I saw those kitties, I got over excited”, she said.

Frin said that she did not regret arriving late to work as the pictures and the encounter had put her into a good mood that day.

But when her boss asked why she was late, she lied and said she woke up late.

According to Companion Animal Psychology, cats like to be at the window as it provides visual enrichment for them. Common things cats will do are watching birds, small wildlife or foliage, other cats, people and insects.

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