[Photos] Dirty Girl in Subang Fled After Housemates Found Her Room Full of Cockroaches

Living in a house with strangers could be a terrifying experience. And no one can attest to that better than Malaysian cosplayer Micho Teh.

Teh took to Facebook to expose a filthy housemate of hers in a shared home in Bandar Sunway yesterday (Jan 7) and the post has gone viral ever since with over 6,000 shares at the time of writing.

The photos showed her housemate’s room filled with plastic wastes, clothes and laundry, and even food disposable from KFC, McDonald’s, Gongcha, among others. The mattress does not have a bed sheet.

The worst of all, the room is swamped with cockroaches. Dog poops can be found everywhere − the bed is no exception. How did she even sleep?

In the housemates group chat, Teh related that she has been staying in the house for one and a half years and she realized the number of cockroaches has increased to an unacceptable amount for the past few months.

She said it is understandable to see cockroaches in grounded houses, especially when it was the raining season in the past weeks. But she realized that the cockroaches do not come from the ground floor of the house where trash and kitchen are. Instead, they come from the second floor.

Thus, she suspected that it could be due to a leakage or a housemate up there could be having a hygiene issue. Other housemates also added on into the growing phenomenon with each telling how many cockroaches they had killed that night.

Eventually, the suspect, Bella (not her real name), replied to the group chat. Teh said Bella was pretending to be a victim of the pest nightmare, whereby her dog almost fainted from inhaling the bug spray.

The cosplayer suspected it was Bella because Teh found her eating on the ground floor instead of her own room. Teh also said Bella had a “foul smell too and super greasy hair”. She and her housemate often avoided her.

Teh said “a huge ass cockroach” flew towards her that night which led her to bring the issue to the group chat and eventually Facebook. Amidst the discussion with the housemates, Bella left the group chat and that prompted Teh to ask the boys in the house to check out her room.

To their surprises, it is indeed Bella. She is the root of the problem. They said the room had a pungent smell. A video capturing the investigative intrusion was filmed and the man behind the camera almost puked when he stuck his nose into the room. The video also showed the floor of the house was filled with carcasses of the cockroaches.

Teh said the boys sprayed a lot of pesticides in Bella’s room before sealing the room with masking tape by the bottom of the door. One housemate said he could hear the cockroaches scratching the tape as if they were trying to escape. Even cockroaches could not stand being in the room! 

In an updated post, Teh said she woke up this morning feeling sick from all the bug spray going around the house. She was also speaking against the criticism where some netizens reprimanded her for not helping Bella as she might have mental issues. To that, Teh said she had plenty of problem of her own and she could not care less on a tenant that she does not know.

“We just tenants under same roof; we never interact. She went missing on Sunday and I can’t be bothered where did she go and what happened to her.

“You guys do not know me well enough and I am going to be honest, I am not a saint to give a shit about her wellbeing, I already have enough issues and hot mess on my own plate,” said the cosplayer that goes by the display name Micho the Haram-Bae.

Teh did say that she was going to move out from the house soon but also reminded netizens not to harass Bella despite her questionable lifestyle.

You can read the full chat conversations on the next page.

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