[Pictures] These 12 People Are A Walking Joke Because of What’s Written On Their Tees

We all have that one terrible t-shirt in our wardrobe and if we never ask for a second opinion, we just might not know how bad it is.

Whether if it is a questionable statement tee or a shirt design that did not go through a human trial, wearing such clothes out on the street will surely turn some head. Yes, sometimes, modesty is more than just covering yourself up.

To prove our point, here are 12+ photos of hilarious (or questionable) clothes people wear and hopefully, you do not own any of these:

1. An oily substance 🛢

Source: Pinterest

With Malaysia’s weather, everybody is an oily substance. You are being too blunt! You do not have to announce it.

2. Crap your hand 💩

Source: The Sun

Nice to meet you but I will not shake your hand, thank you.

3. Don’t believe in yourself, quit 🏳

Source: Reddit | Reddit

Truly inspirational!

4. Avengers assemble! 🦇

How to offend three fandom groups at a time. Here is another:

Source: 9gag

5. Here is a really old picture of me 😑

Source: Elosh Clothing | Etsy

The terrible thing about wearing a written joke on a t-shirt is that it will not be funny the second time. It will only get more and more annoying as time goes.

6. <Truth is truth + exclamation> ❗️

Source: Bored Panda

This is confusing yet so amusing. Hot damn!

7. Sniffing glue won’t keep families together 👃

Comes in three different designs:

It must be an important message for some people.

8. #Staywoke when you sleep 😴

Source: Pinterest

The t-shirt is suggesting that we have to dream about social progressive movement in our sleep.

9. Asia 🌍

Source: Pinterest


10. A running joke 🏃‍♂️

This uncle is honest and knows how to crack a joke.

11. 20% hotter than you 🔥

Exactly 20%. Nothing more, nothing less.

12. Take me Drunk, I am Home

Source: monagiza

How can they make such a mistake on a shirt? Or worse, why do people even want to wear that?


Jokes aside, the way we dress is very important so that we can always make the right first impression.

Lucky for you, FeedMe Malaysia is here to recommend some cool kicks and clothes so that you can impress the people around you. As for statement tees, it is best to keep it simple:

camel active recently released their summer menswear collection and it has plenty of simple yet stylish clothes for every occasion.

The brand’s demin collection has a distinctive athleisure style, one that typifies a young, confident and urban man.

From a retro vibe to floral designs, camouflage patterns, bold slogans, oversized t-shirts and pullovers, camel active 2019 collection will surely have something for every man from all walks of life.

When it comes to bags, their collection this year put a focus on functionalities as both bags have detachable components.

Its Detachable Travel Backpack has nine detachable external pockets, 270 degree wide openings with lay-flat packing, which is a necessity item in the great outdoors.

As for the canvass Seasack backpack, the bottom blue compartment is detachable − a great bag for gym and outdoor activities as it is able to store shoes without dirtying your other belonging.

You can check out camel active‘s full collection here.

What do you like the most about camel active‘s collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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