PKR Sells ‘Refomasi’ Mooncake for RM12, Encourage to Buy to Remind Leaders About Manifesto

A party in the ruling government coalition, PKR, is selling ‘reformasi’ mooncake in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival this September 13.

In a Facebook post, PKR announced that the ‘Kuih Bulan Reformasi” would be sold at RM12 for a single piece while RM22 for two.

Members of the party could purchase it at a discounted price at RM10 and RM19 for the respectively. Those purchasing over 100 boxes could get RM4-RM5 discount too.

The ‘reformasi’ mooncake has dated as far back as 2004, The Star reported, and PKR treasurer-general Lee Chean Chung echoed the same when speaking in a press conference today (Aug 21).

Lee said the mooncakes are vegetarian and halal, available in lotus and red bean flavours.

“We are counting on our supporters, as this is also a way for the party to generate funds to manage the party,” Lee told reporters at PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya, citing that the finance of the party and support from the people are still important despite being part of the ruling government already.

Source: KiniTV

When asked if they are confident the 10,000 boxes of ‘reformasi’ mooncake would sell well especially when the Chinese community was upset by the Khat controversy and Lynas’ licence renewal issues, party vice-president Chang Lih Kang believed the sale would not be affected, Malaysiakini reported.

“To me (the dissatisfaction of the Chinese) is not a problem which would affect sales.

“I call on everyone who feels that reformasi must be carried out and the promises (in the Pakatan Harapan) must be implemented to buy the mooncakes.

“This would remind the nation’s leaders and party leaders that the people care and want to know the progress of the reformasi,” Chang said.

To purchase the mooncake, you can call or Whatsapp them at 016-9807815 (Richard) or 014-9863026 (Hana).

You can watch the press conference here:

What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy one? 

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