Pokemon Go is getting new story missions and quests

Pokemon Go is more than just throwing balls and catching critters now

Looks like Pokemon Go is catching itself a bit more story, as the game is getting extra meat on its bones for their next major update.

The new update will include a new concept called “research” that will involve actual story missions (yes!) as well as simple daily tasks that you can complete. “Field research” will have players getting tasks from pokestops that will range from catching particular pokemon or taking part in battles. Each day a player completes a task, will earn a stamp, and when you hit seven stamps you get in-game rewards. This also includes rare encounters with legendary pokemon.

On top of this, Professor Willow himself will request “special research” which basically are story-driven activities that will unfold as you complete more objectives; some of which are tied to Mew, which is coming to the game. With lots of new AR games coming to the table, with titles like The Walking Dead, and even Jurassic World getting it’s own AR game, Pokemon Go is going to have its hands full standing up to the competition.

The update should be hitting our phones sometime this week.

Source: The Verge

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