Police Brutality: Cop Beat Up Mat Rempit Who Rammed Into Restaurant During Chase

It looks like a cop has ‘overperformed’ in his duty last Sunday.

According to The Star, a policeman is currently under investigation for beating up a reckless motorcyclist (mat rempit) who crashed into a restaurant in Putrajaya on December 2.

Despite being at fault, the mat rempit lodged a report against the policeman who assaulted him on his head. The police brutality victim is also facing investigation for reckless riding and endangering the lives of others and himself.

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Putrajaya OCPD Asst Comm Rosly Hassan confirmed the incident in a statement yesterday (Nov 5) after the footage of the policeman hitting a seemingly ordinary citizen was circulating online. Berita Harian reported netizens were initially shocked to see the policeman was acting violently against a man in public.

Source: Facebook

In the 48-second video, a policeman with his sleeves rolled up was heard asking the man to stand up before smashing his head repeatedly, kicking him and shoving him to the ground.

The officer screamed “kau samseng mana? (which gangster group are you from)” as he assaulted the man. The man was heard apologizing, “sorry lah bang (I am sorry, sir),” but it was fallen on deaf ears.

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The viral post claimed that the mat rempit initially challenged the cops on duty by revving their motorcycles and beating the red lights. During the highspeed chase, the rider almost hit four workers after entering Restaurant Ikan Bakar Seri Empangan.

He then ran into some tables and crashed, before trying to flee. The youth became aggressive and forced the cops to use force to restrain him.

To clarify, Hassan explained that the incident happened when the police received reports that a group of motorcyclists were riding dangerously near the flyover of Putrajaya International Convention Centre at 1.40am, Sunday.

“A police patrol car went to investigate and managed to tail one of the riders who was riding at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction at the flyover.

“The rider lost control of his machine and crashed into the restaurant and fell on the floor,” said the city OCPD Assistant Commissioner.

A witness at the scene also lodged police report the mat rempit as the motorcycle almost rammed into the table where they were sitting at.

Source: Facebook

Hassan said the officer on duty then “spontaneously beat” up the mat rempit. The latter was arrested, so as the passenger sitting behind him.

Besides, he was also fined for riding without a valid driving licence, road tax, insurance protection and licence plate.

“On Tuesday we received a report at the Dengkil police station claiming that the victim was beaten by police at the restaurant while trying to flee from a police check.

“We are investigating the policeman under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing hurt.

“The motorcyclist is being investigated for reckless riding and endangering personal safety of others under Section 279 and 336 of the Penal Code respectively,” Hassan said.

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