Police on Man Hunt After CCTV Showing a Child Got Molested in Rawang Supermarket Goes Viral

Massively circulating on the Internet today (Jul 14) is a video which saw a child in purple clothes being sexually assaulted by a man twice at a supermarket.

In the 51-second video, the little girl was picking some goods in front of an aisle with what seemed to be her one to two-year-old sister. Suddenly, a man clad in black clothes came from behind, held the girl by her waist and rubbed his hips against the girl’s buttocks.

Source: Facebook

If that is not enough, the man returned about 15 seconds later and sexually assaulted her again. This time, touching her chest as if he was trying to take an item from the shelf.

The victim scurried away and so as her younger sister.

Hours ago, The Star reported that the cops are currently on the case.

Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Samsor Mansor said the incident happened at 6.19pm on July 10, at a supermarket in Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor.

“The girl’s father has since lodged a report on the matter.

“We are mobilising our resources to track down and detain the suspect as soon as possible,” said Samsor Mansor.

The officer said the case is classified under Section 14(a) of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act.

We wish the police luck in locating the paedophile. 

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