Police Probe Thai Model Who Charges RM60/Month For Striptease Videos on LINE Chatroom

Paying for an entertainment subscription in the world of smartphones is becoming more common these days. Whether if it is Spotify for music or Netflix for TV shows, people are becoming more willing to commit tens of Ringgit for some entertainment while they are on the go.

However, some are also willing to paying about RM60 a month for striptease videos from net idol Jirarat “Blue” Chanantho, The Star reported.

Source: The Star

Jirarat met up with the Thai police after receiving a summons that alleged that she might have violated the Computer Act.

The model with 89,000 followers on Instagram was said to have charged VIP chatroom members Bt300-500 (RM40-RM66) a month for her sexy video clips.

If she is found guilty of putting pornographic material into a computer system that is accessible by the public, she could be jailed up to five years or a maximum Bt100,000 (RM13,300) fine, or both, according to The Nation Thailand.

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Jirarat who often posts pictures of herself in lingerie told reporters that the chatroom is not open to the public and all of its 200-300 members are only allowed to access her videos after going through a screening process.

The process includes confirming their legal age and proof of payment.

As of now, she has suspended the group as the investigation is on-going and only uploads content that is not against the law. She is yet to be charged by any court.

Jirarat said that the purpose of the group is to communicate with her fans but she did not deny the fact that she had filmed herself wearing revealing clothes and shared them with the group.

She said it was all for “artistic” purposes. Her lawyer echoed the same, claiming that his client did it out of “art” without knowing the relevant laws.

Fearing that she would be faced with a harsh sentence as stated in the law, Jirarat said she is happy to submit all the evidence to the police to satisfy them, adding that while the group chat may be deemed inappropriate, its content was not meant for public consumption anyway.

Be careful what you pay to watch online, guys. It could be on the wrong side of the law.

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