Police Raid Restaurant That Allegedly Sells Dog Meat for RM25 in N. Sembilan

In a viral post published last Tuesday (Jul 30), netizen surnamed Lee who works as a professional pet skin therapist exposed a restaurant in Kampung Baru Broga, Negeri Sembilan that allegedly serves dog meat to customers.

In the post, it showed pictures of caged dogs and a video of a Whatsapp chat log which heard a restaurant worker listing out several exotic animals that are served there, such as squirrels, porcupines, hedgehogs, rabbits, crocodiles and dogs.

These exotic animals cost about RM25 per serving, as heard in the voice record. The dog meat dish is nicknamed “three-six”, the addition of the two digits equates to nine and “nine” is a homophone for “dog” in Cantonese.

Lee thanked Jasmine for secretly recording the conversation between her and the worker so that they could expose this evil restaurant. He said Jasmine even sprained her leg when she was trying to escape the scene.

He also regretted that he could not save the caged dogs in time.

“I am sorry, my children (dogs).

“I received this information only this afternoon, but it was too late. Just now, volunteers went to the scene to confirm. These children had been killed last night!

“Sources said that they only ‘work’ (kill the dogs) at night when there is no one around,” Lee wrote on the post which has gone viral with over 7,500 shares.

He said, based on the information given by the locals, the restaurant often receives “stock” at night and members of the public tried to expose them two years ago but failed. They did not have adequate evidence then.

Following a police report, the police had raided the restaurant on Friday (Aug 2), NST reported.

Source: NST

The police found several pieces of meat believed to be dog meat inside a freezer in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Investigations found that the restaurant does possess the necessary license to sell exotic foods but Negri Sembilan Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Wan Mat Wan Harun said the license was on the list.

The restaurant owner claimed that the dog meat was imported from abroad and only sold to customers who made their order ahead.

They also said the dog meat is meant to cure asthma.

Source: Harian Metro

“We have conducted an investigation and submitted the case to the relevant department for further action.” Nilai district police Superintendent Mohd Nor Marzukee Besar told the daily yesterday (Aug 3).

Here is the secretly recorded conversation between Jasmine and a worker of the restaurant.

We hope the police can get to the bottom of this.

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