Police Shoot Man in front of a Klang School Who Went Berserk After Failing to Withdraw Money

It is not every day we get to see a person attempts to assault police officers armed with a gun.  

Yesterday (Apr 2), a man was shot by the police when he charged relentlessly towards a motorcycle patrol unit (URM) in a bid to stab a police officer with a knife in Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

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According to The Sun, it all began when the 41-year-old man when to a local ATM machine and wanted to withdraw some money at 12.30pm. However, the Sabahan appeared irritated when he could not get his money.

He went berserk and yelled in frustration, which made the security guards alerted the police. The man told the guards that he would return at 2.00pm and gave them a warning to better not have the same problem later.

When the police arrived at the bank, the man had already left.

As a man of his word, he came back to the bank again just as the police were patrolling the area. The guards then alerted the police.

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The assailant even brought a hammer with him and smashed the ATM screen.

One policeman tried to calm him down for 20 minutes but it was all fallen to deaf ears. Harian Metro reported that the man turned aggressive suddenly and chased after a police officer with a knife out to the street.

Fearing that his colleague would be injured, another officer opened fire four times at the man and halted the attack.

The man tried to flee the scene after the gunshot but he fell to the ground shortly after. He sustained two bullet wounds in the stomach.

Based on the viral footage, the incident happened in front of a primary school, SK Batu Unjur, and the bank was Public Bank along Jalan Batu Nilam 1.

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South Klang police chief ACP Shamsul Amar Ramli said the suspect expected the bank to have some money but he lost his cool when he found out that the money had yet to be deposited.

“We believe the man was under the influence of drugs. Our investigations show that he has four previous convictions for drug-related offences,” Shamsul said.

The police also recovered a seven-inch knife and a packet of white powder believed to be drugs. The case now is being investigated as attempt murder under Section 307 of the Penal Code.

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