Quiz Reveals Malaysians Know About The Story Behind 12 Zodiacs, Not Much On The Beliefs

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year, Feedme Malaysia put up a quiz to test our readers’ knowledge on the story of the 12 Chinese zodiacs last month. Over the festive season, the quiz gained 1,928 participants in total.

You can find the quiz at the end of the article.

The quiz started off by asking participants how the Zodiacs race played out. Surprisingly, Malaysians do know the story very well as most of the participants got the first five questions correct.

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One of which was asking “Why did the dragon come in fifth place despite being able to fly?”, more than half of the participants got it right, and that was because the Dragon had to make rain for the villagers. Over 40% responded that the Dragon was too arrogant to participate in the race and only 5% of responders, presumably a die-hard Dragon Ball fans, said that the Dragon was busy granting wishes for Goku.

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Participants were also aware of why Chinese parents prefer their children to be born in the year of the Dragon. With more than 80% answered correctly, saying it is a traditional belief that the child will inherit the dragon’s commendable traits such as honesty, magnanimity, courage, and power.

We also asked why many grandparents dislike having a daughter-in-law who was born in the year of Tiger. The majority responded that tiger-born daughters-in-law have many negative characteristics which was a belief among the elders that it will bring bad omens to marriage. 164 answered wrongly and thought that Tiger cheated in the race and was very controlling. While 8% thought that female-born Tigers can be strict moms who are able to raise successful children, aka tiger moms.

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We asked our fellow participants which zodiac animal was not predicted to have bad luck, clashing with the “Tai Sui” — in this Year of Pig 2019? There was only a 0.63%  percentage difference between the Goat and the Pig. The right answer is the Goat.

  • Pig — 22.61%
  • Snake — 19.71%
  • Monkey — 18.46%
  • Tiger —  15.98%
  • Goat — 23.24%

We found out that 68% of the participants knew why the Pig came in last and that is because the Pig took a nap amidst the race despite being able to scurry very fast. 24% answered wrongly, saying that the pig was fooled by the Snake with a food trap.

Here is the quiz.

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