Quiz Reveals Most Malaysians Are Budget Traveller, Only 2% Willing to Spend RM800/Night For Hotel

In October, FeedMe Malaysia ran a quiz where we asked you twelve questions to find out what kind of hotel guests are you.

After running for a month, we have gathered a huge response. We have garnered 4,725 responses and out of the five results we have, most of you are a “Budget Traveller”.

Here is a breakdown of each result:

  • 12.5% – I-Miss-Home Stayer
  • 35.2% – Budget Traveller
  • 18.3% – Hotel Smuggler
  • 31.7% – Paradise Seeker
  • 2.1% – Worry-Free Vacationer

One of the twelve questions, we asked how much would you spend on a night of hotel. Unsurprisingly, more than half (55%) of you said you would spend RM400 and below for a night – the median answer among the four options.

40.6% of you answered that you would spend less than RM100 a night, while only 2.3% would spend below RM800 for a night and 1.8% would spend RM800 and above.

We also asked what are the factors that dictate you from choosing one hotel from another. The number one factor is location, followed by price, facilities, online review, ranking (number of hotel stars), and design & concept − in descending order.

61.8% of you prefer to pay upon arrival while the rest are fine to pay in full when making bookings online.

Many of you (73%) answered that you would rather stay in one hotel without switching to another one when travelling in the same city; 27% said they otherwise.

When asked what are some of the unusual things you would bring when travelling, the most common answer was snacks. The next most common answer was “Nothing, I travel light”.

Perhaps the question that is the most fun to answer was when we asked what are the things you would steal from a hotel stay, a quarter of you would take shampoos and other toiletries home. Here is the full break down of all the lootable items in the hotel you told us:

  • Shampoos and other toiletries – 25%
  • Slippers – 12.7%
  • Coffee sachet – 18.8%
  • Laundry bag – 18.3%
  • Shower cap – 15.4%
  • Towel – 1.7%
  • Hair dryer – 0.2%
  • I don’t take anything back – 7.7%

25% of you would tip the bellhop or housekeeper while 32% said you would not. The remaining large chunk of you (41%) said it depends on the country’s culture you are visiting.

Out of the 4,725 respondents, most of you (66.2%) said that you would go to the hotel provided buffet at the time that fits your itinerary, while 18.1% said you would go as soon as it opens. 15.6% admitted that you are a lazy bum and would go to the buffet at the last minute so that you could sleep in longer.

What are your thoughts on these results? Do you think it reflects the Malaysian hotel stayers’ behaviour? Let us know in the comments below. 



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