Quiz Reveals Most Malaysians are “Gila Makan” with 40% Missing Sambal Abroad

This Merdeka and Malaysia Day season, we were blessed with many public holidays. Thus, we asked you to take out some time to find out what kind of Malaysians you truly are and the results were truly music to our ears.

The quiz which ran from August 31 to September 16 had gathered 3,645 responses which took averagely 3 minutes and 42 seconds to complete the 10 questions. We built the personality quiz with five final results in mind, which were:

1. Ah Beng Malaysian
“You’re a sandal-wearing Malaysian with a little bit of gangster blood. But all is good because deep down, you are a nice person.”

2. Banana/Coconut Malaysian
“Although you’re not immersed in your cultural roots, you represent the modern Malaysia instead. A little bit of whitewashed inside but you still love Malaysia like the rest of us! <3”

3. Gila Makan Malaysian
“You are the epitome of Malaysia-made because your whole body is made up of homegrown food! We enjoy listening to your food adventure and noting down your recommendation. Thank you for promoting our food!”

4. Jalan Bapakku Malaysian
“You’re the gangster on wheels but other than that, you are a decent Malaysian! You care and love everyone – just not on the road.”

5. Macam Yes Malaysian
“You’re the Malaysian who’s trying to be a better citizen! We commend your effort for the little things you do for the community in your daily life ;)”

As you may have guessed it, the most common kind of Malaysians is the Gila Makan Malaysian (foodie) which about 40% of you are.

Coming second is Ah Beng Malaysian (typical) with 25%; Banana/Coconut Malaysian (unassimilated) with 19%, Macam Yes Malaysian (wannabe) 16%, and 0.3% Jalan Bapakku Malaysian (arrogant driver).

The results come with no surprise as any true Malaysians could really tell this is truly the matrix in our society. We Malaysians always put food first and it’s evident in our second question which asked what were the Malaysian thing you missed the most when travelling abroad. 42% of you lamented that it was the lack of chilli in your food − and seriously, we all feel the same pain too!

Question #3 asked what would you do when your favourite food is suddenly presented in front of you and, with no surprise again, almost half of you said you would dig in without second thoughts. It was meant to see how health conscious you all are but I guess our food is always too good to resist 😂

Perhaps the most fairly distributed responses we got from this quiz was from question #5 which asked your willingness to attend massive sales. The four-answer each received about a quarter of responses. This is a good opportunity for those none-deal hunters to understand the different side of Malaysians. It shows the rationale of why some of us attend these massive sales.

Question #6 was interesting but the MyCar poster we used might have affected the final result. The picture showed a cute abang driver having a great time with his passengers, of course lah, 50% of you chose “bang” as the answer. I’m guessing the abang surely is a Gila Makan Malaysian too and he was bringing them where to get the best naan for lunch. 

MyCar is a new ride-hailing app in town and its popularity is growing rapidly among Malaysians since the industry was coming to see monopoly by the Singapore-based company. Today, the homegrown competitor has 40,000 drivers and have served up to 700,000 customers.

With an intuitive and easy to use layout, the app offers top of the class service to users. It has the usual economy class that holds up to 4 passengers, MPV class for 6-pax, two premium classes categorize by 4-pax and 6-pax, legally registered taxi that can ferry up to 6 people and lastly the “MyCar Now” option that automatically chooses the fastest and nearest driver to you. Give it a download now at Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore here.

View the rest of the quiz results on the next page. You would want to know what etiquette Malaysians wish to see we adopt in this new Malaysia.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, you must try it. Have fun!

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