Quiz Reveals S’poreans Visit Malls More Often Than M’sians, But Watch Less Movies in Cinemas

Earlier this month, FeedMeMalaysia asked you about what are your reasons to go to shopping malls and we have gathered a huge response from people in Singapore and Malaysia.

Having 4124 respondents from both countries (2,103 Malaysia; 2,021 Singapore), the number one reason why you love going to the malls is that you want to “escape the heat and chill in the mall”. About 20% of the Malaysian and Singaporean respondents said that is their primary reason.

16% of Malaysian respondents said their most common intention to go the mall is to watch a movie but only 7% of Singaporean respondents reported similarly.

Singaporeans (16%) said meeting friends in the mall is their most common reason, while only 7% Malaysians meet their friends in the mall.

When asked how often you go to the mall, 15% of Singaporean respondents said they visit the mall everyday, only 5% of Malaysian respondents visit it daily.

Most respondents visit the mall once a week − 37% for Malaysians; 46% for Singaporeans.

We also asked what are the reasons shoppers prefer to go to a specific mall instead of another, most respondents said it is because the mall has more retail options. Here is a full breakdown of the result of both countries combined:

What makes you decide to go to a specific mall instead of another?

  • 34.71% – It has more retail options
  • 28.99% – It’s closer to me
  • 10.65% – It has better ambience
  • 9.86% – It’s easier to get there by public transport
  • 5.33% – It has better restaurants
  • 4.54% – It’s easier to get a parking
  • 3.94% – It has a more fitting movie showing time
  • 1.97% – It has cheaper parking

It is worthy to note that 10% of Singaporeans think public transport convenience to the mall is their main reason why they opt for a specific mall, while only 2% of Malaysians think that way.

For both Malaysians and Singaporeans, the period where they spend the most in the mall is during the sales (33% Malaysians; 36% Singaporeans).

31% of Malaysians spend the most during festive shopping, 21% for Singaporeans; 13% for Malaysians who just receive their bonus, 5% for Singaporeans; 2% Malaysians before school opening, 5% for Singaporeans; and among others.

What are your thoughts on this quiz? Let us know in the comments below.

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