Racist & Misogynistic Comments Online Got This M’sian Doctor Suspended From Aussie Hospital

Although this doctor knows how to heal with his hands, he also knows hurt people with his words.

According to The Borneo Post, this Malaysian doctor who worked in an Aussie hospital is now suspended because of his obnoxious opinions he posted online.

31-year-old Dr Lee Kwan Chen worked in Tasmania Health Service in Victoria State. He is now under a six-week suspension for making various offensive remarks on the Singaporean tech forum, HardwareZone.

Lee was brought before the Tasmanian Health Practitioners Tribunal where he was rebuked over his delinquent comments. His suspension will start next month.

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Lee will undergo mandate lessons in ethical behaviour and communications, especially on social media.

Under the pseudonym Nachtside, the 31-year-old doctor has made a name for himself in the forum − literally − as he previously posted pictures of his personal documents such as his identification card (IC) and passport. He even posted pictures of himself in his medical uniform, with his family, and also his degree certificates.

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Besides proving to other forum members that he is an identifiable person, he also tried his best to offend people online.

Singapore’s The New Paper reported some of Lee’s comments in the forum. A notorious comment made by him in 2017 was a reply to news about a male Egyptian lawyer who was jailed for three years after saying that women who wear ripped jeans should be raped as punishment.

To which he said,  “I’m surprised they didn’t give him a medal instead.”

The doctor once posted in the forum thread “AMA (Ask Me Anything)”, and a user asked him what would he do if his marriage falls apart.

“It would not end up in divorce, it would end in murder,” the doctor wrote. The 31-year-old is married to a psychiatrist.

It became more controversial when he justified his comment and said, “some women deserved to be raped, and that supercilious little ***** fits the bill in every way.”

Lee explained that particular comment he made was under the context of “a socio-political situation in Singapore/ Malaysia where as a result of certain events, a local female college student made disparaging remarks about (national) servicemen”.

He got into trouble when the officials saw his “opinions” online. It led him to the tribunal not long after.

While he admitted that his comments can be seen as inflammatory, misogynistic or racist, he claimed that he would not allow his views or comments to affect his treatment on the patients under his care. He said his anger had clouded his judgment when he was making those remarks then.

Lee defended himself by saying he is relatively young, inexperienced and has a narrow mind, which led him to use social media heedlessly.

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