Raj’s Turns Over a New Banana Leaf: Reopens Today with a New Name

“In addition to the renovations, all staff, new and old, have completed a proper food handling course conducted by a trainer certified and registered with the health ministry and who is a member of the Malaysian Association of Environmental Health,” the statement said.

All the staff had also undergone typhoid vaccine in the past months. The typhoid is a bacteria disease that can be passed on from human to human through food or water, possibly causing high fever, fatigue, weakness, stomach pains, headache, loss of appetite, and sometimes a rash.

Most importantly, the potholes behind the outlet had been patched up. The exhaust ventilation system, sinks, and grease traps were upgraded and in place.

On the internet, some netizens were not convinced by the move, saying that the pothole-washing imagery was too much to forget.

Source: Facebook

On the other side of the spectrum, some netizens were asking the members of the public to kasi chance lah (give them a chance).

Source: Facebook

Would you still pay RBL Banana Leaf a visit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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