Rapid KL Buses Are Going 100% Cashless Starting Apr 15 Onwards

RapidKL announced that its bus service will go totally cashless starting mid-April.

It has only been five months since the RapidKL Unlimited Pass (My 100 & My 50) and the RM10 combo ticket of rail & bus to KLIA service was only launched this year. Now, the public transport company is giving its passengers a quick paying system.

Source: The Star

According to The Star, passengers now will require to use their Touch N’ Go (TNG) card or their Rapid KL unlimited pass whenever they come onboard.

Besides rolling out a cashless system, it comes with great deals for some passengers. For examples, TNG users will be entitled 20% discount on the normal bus fare; for seniors citizens, the disabled and students, they get a 50% discount but they will need to apply for the concession card before enjoying the rebate.

Source: Rapid KL

The implementation of the cashless payment will start on Apr 15 (Mon) from the Ampang corridors. Following on the Apr 29 (Mon), Cheras, Sungai Besi and Jalan Klang Lama corridors will follow suit.

Then, buses that serve on Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Pahang and Damansara paths will say bye-bye to money notes and coins on May 13 (Mon) and lastly, all buses that are driving the Leburaya Persekutuan route will begin to be a cashless journey on May 27 (Mon). Yes, everything starts on respective Monday.

Source: NST

For those who do not have a TNG card, they can get one from the RapidKL buses when the paying system officially goes cashless on the given dates. The card costs RM10 and will be preloaded with a credit of RM4.80.

So much for being convenient, however, there were mixed feelings over the implementation from netizens when Rapid KL decided to go cashless in such short notice.

One user on Facebook wrote,”Stupid move, elderly and tourist (are) at a disadvantage, must have both cash and cashless.”

Another netizen said, “Go cashless and to encourage everyone to use T&G but all the parking (will be) charging an extra 10% for using T&G”.

“Actually some people really poor and can’t afford to reload RM 10 every time”, one wrote.

You can see the timetable of the respective Rapid KL going cashless on the next page.

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