Rat Droppings Found in Penang Coffee Factory, Inspectors Can’t Tell Poops from Beans

It looks like it was a nasty spot the difference game for the health authorities when they raided a Penang coffee processing factory which found to have rat droppings at the premise.

According to Malay Mail, the factory has been in business for 69 years and the raid came after a tip-off.

Source: NST

The raid was conducted by North Seberang Perai district health department, along with Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) and Penang Islamic Religious Department (JHEAIPP).

The authorities found a pile of rat droppings beside the coffee bean production area and they had a hard time trying to tell which is which.

For illustration only. Source: Wildlife Removal USA

“It was so gross because the rat droppings and the coffee beans look almost the same and they were found near the coffee bean processing area.

“We had a tough time to determine if the droppings had mixed with the beans, but they are found near the wall,” a source was quoted as saying by NST.

The factory was ordered to shut down for 14 days and it is currently investigated under Section 11 of Food Act 1983 for closure of insanitary premises. SPU District Health Office senior assistant health officer (environment), Mohamad Amin Ahmad Zubir said the factory would be charged in court if found operating within this period.

He also added that the factory could be back in business if it succeeded in complying with the stipulated cleanliness standards after a fortnight.

The internet has this famous photo where there is a man hiding in a pile of coffee beans. The game is to find him.

Psst… It is actor Bruce Willis that you are looking for. Source: Huffington Post

We cannot believe the health officers had to play the gross version of the game in real life. Eww!

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