RM10,000 Bounty on Cheras MRT Robber Who Assaulted 48yo Lady Viciously in Lift

After a viral video showing a lady was brutally attacked for almost a minute in an enclosed lift, it started a nationwide hunt for the suspect who the police believed is local.

At 6.45am on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), a 48-year-old lady walked into an elevator at Taman Mutiara MRT station, Cheras. Carrying a backpack as well as a handbag, the lady was followed by a man shortly after she entered.

A second into it, the suspect swung a huge right hook into the lady’s head and knocked her out to the ground. Shared over 6,000 times on 8TV News Facebook page as well as massively circulated on WhatsApp, the 52-second video continued showing the lady resisting to the robbery as the suspect tried to snatch her handbag vehemently off her hand.

The suspect then showered raging punches on the lady before she let go of her tight grasp. At the 24th second, the elevator door opened and the suspect pinned the lady down while holding her hair. He pushed the lady to the side of the elevator with his legs in a bid to not attract attention.

The lady waved ‘no’ with her hands repeatedly but the suspect continued assaulting her by hurling a heavy kick to her stomach. The assault went on as the lady stood up only to be knocked down again by kicks and a swung to her head with the snatched handbag. The video ended with the suspect rushing off the CCTV view, out the elevator, after fumbling for valuables from her bag. The handbag was left behind.

According to NST, the suspect was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. The City Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner, Rusdi Mohd Isa, said the victim suffered from injuries on her forehead and had since received outpatient treatment in a hospital.

“The suspect escaped with the victim’s purse, containing her ID and ATM cards, as well as RM400 cash,” added Rusdi.

The police have taken statements from three witnesses and the case is currently investigated under Section 394 of the Penal Code, which is in relation to voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery. If convicted, the suspect could face up to 20 years imprisonment and is liable to fine or to whipping.

Source: Yahoo News

In a development to the story, The Sun Daily reported today (Feb 17) that a RM10,000 bounty is set on the suspect which is sponsored by a concerned citizen. The bounty is rewarded to anyone who is able to offer any information leading to the arrest of the suspect, Member of the Parliamentary Special Select Committees on Defence and Home Affairs Lim Lip Eng revealed earlier today.

The Kepong MP hoped the reward could help the investigation as he feared that the incident could inspire other criminals to pull the same trick on other fellow Malaysians.

“My biggest fear is that if he is not caught soon, his actions may influence other villains to commit such crimes in a similar fashion in lifts or in some obscure corners all over the country,” Lim said. “They may even target victims of all ages including the men or operate in groups.”

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