RM15k Dowry In, M’sian Finds Out Fiancee Had Sex with Friend in Video Days Before Wedding

Being able to marry our high school sweetheart is probably everyone’s dream once because the love was so pure and innocent.

Sadly, however, a Malaysian man recently found out that his high school sweetheart has been cheating on him with a friend he knows despite being engaged for two years now.

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In an anonymous confession post published two days ago (Jul 10) on Luahan Orang Bujang, the man said he met his fiancee in high school and was slated to get married on July 20, 2019.

He related that he had paid RM15,000 of dowry to the bride’s family which he spent two years saving for.

“But recently, someone sent me a video which saw my fiance having sex with a man I know.

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“I could not control my feelings. I feel like killing myself because (worst of all) the video is recent.

“The footage showing they were having sex, she was already engaged with me,” the man cried foul online.

He said his fiancee appeared indifferent whenever he saw her, saying that she was acting like nothing had happened and treated him as usual.

“I do not know what to do. My heart has broken into a million pieces. I feel like dying. I cannot bear to live another day in this world full of deception,” the man wrote on the post which gathered hundreds of “Sad” reactions.

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The heartbroken man said he spent two years to save up RM15,000 for the dowry, working as a construction worker. He insisted to continue riding a motorcycle to work because he did not want to waste money on fuel.

“No matter how hot, no matter how strong the rain, I do not give in to my hunger.

“I only eat dry biscuit for lunch at work and I endure until I get home every day.”

Nevertheless, he did not blame his fiancee for cheating on him because, according to him, he had been working too hard to the point of neglecting her.

“Sometimes when she sends me WhatsApp messages, I do not reply until hours later.

“Working as a construction worker, I cannot always play with my phone.”

He related that all wedding invitation cards had already been sent out. He said if the wedding proceeds as planned, it would bring shame to his family.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, the admin of the Facebook page advised the victim to send the sex tape to the fiancee’s parents and ask for the dowry back. The admin said even as a female, she would not back a cheating woman.

Another top comment from a lawyer suggested the man to bring the case to the Syriah court and request the bride’s family to return the RM15,000.

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