Robbers Abandon Tyre Punctured Car Amidst Burglary, Car Plate Ends Up as Magnum Winning Number

Many Malaysians pay a keen eye to car plate numbers of those who have met with accidents or any sort of misfortunes. They would buy a lottery based on the troubled car’s plate number, hoping the 4-digit would open as grand prize.

This takes a bit of a turn as the troubled car in this incident belonged to a group of robbers. After their fail attempt to rob a house in Seremban, they tried to flee the scene in their white Proton Wira.

Source: Facebook

However, the vehicle’s tyre punctured during their escape and several brave neighbours banded together to chase after the robbers, a viral Facebook post by Edward Likes recounted.

First robbery attempt in Taman Acacia, May 27. Source: Facebook

The post claimed that the robbers first attempted to rob a house in Taman Acacia, Seremban − but failed. The attempt was recorded on a CCTV footage dated on May 27 (Monday) at 4.25pm.

Latest robbery attempt in Taman Sri Penagawas. Source: Facebook

Based on his observation and cross-examination, he deduced that the robbery yesterday (May 29) in Taman Sri Penagawas was also conducted by the same trio.

Edward wrote that the mother happened to notice the suspicious robbers, prompting her to call her son.

Source: Facebook

The incident was caught on camera, presumably filmed by the son. The two videos saw a robber donned in a black hoodie, holding a long stick in his hand.

The white Wira was left behind, parked outside of the victim’s house. It is unsure that the robbers were captured but the post claimed that the neighbours chased after them.

Source: Facebook

In a separate post, it saw a police officer combing through the vehicle and discovered a bag filled with stolen purses and tools used to picklock. Another video also showed the vehicle had a stole plasma TV, phones and a tablet inside.

Source: Facebook

As it turns out, netizens realized that the vehicle, car plate JDB 8198, was opened as second prize in Magnum 4D on the day of the incident, May 29. Some netizens jestingly said that Edward should have posted the videos and pictures earlier so that they could have won some money.

Source: Facebook

In all seriousness, Edward despised the robbers, lambasting their failed burglary attempt on Monday did not even scare them but caused the trio to attempt again two days later in another residential area.

He also noted the post that highlighted the robbery on Monday was reshared over 600 times and viewed over 11,000 times. He said the robbers did not even change the car they used to rob.

You can watch the full videos and photos on the next page.

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