Robbers Left Behind RM5mil and Stole only RM105k From Security Van in Rawang R&R Station

Imagine a group of gang robbers sitting on a gold mine but only took a tiny rock out of it? It is hard to believe but it is exactly what happened in Rawang, Selangor yesterday (Mar 12).

According to Astro Awani, the heist took place in a petrol station in Rawang R&R (Rehat dan Rawat) stop at about 8pm.

Source: Astro Awani

The security van was parked there while its employees were there to service an automated teller machine (ATM) inside the petrol station. Suddenly, three robbers emerged from a motorcycle and a car to seize the security van.

The driver of the security van was left behind while the other two employees were taken together in the vehicle. The police were notified and rushed to the scene. An air gun was seized at the petrol station.

Source: Astro Awani

Tracing the global positioning system (GPS) installed in the vehicle, the police came to KM-438 northbound of the PLUS Highway. The two employees were abandoned by the roadside and the robbers had already fled the scene.

In an exclusive report by China Press, it is learned that the robbers took away about RM105,000 from the security van. However, they had left behind RM5 million which could be found in a safe in the van.

To put it into perspective, RM105k is only 2.1% of RM5 million. 

Source: China Press

Sources also revealed that an air gun was stolen and the stolen amount was taken from a bag, Utusan Online reported. The security van was found about one kilometre away from the R&R stop

Kosmo reported Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Samsor Maarof as saying that the police are currently investigating the case.

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