Rosmah Allegedly Used Stolen Fund to Buy RM1mil Beauty Products, Soon to Face 20 Charges

The 66-year-old lady with a pointy nose is known for many things such as being a patron of black magic services. And as the stereotypical narrative goes, such a lady is always looking for an elixir of life to stay forever young and it just might be true for Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak.

We got Rapunzel’s mom, the evil queen in Snow White, or even the noseless Lord Voldemort… the list can go on and on but I guess you get the idea. 

Gothel from Tangle (2010). Source: Odyssey

According to NST ‘s exclusive report today (Sept 18), the former first lady may soon be faced with 20 criminal charges for misappropriation of government funds whom she acted as the president of the Welfare Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) from 2009 until Najib’s administration was ousted after May 9.

The charges would mostly link to money laundering and the daily learned that Rosmah allegedly used over RM1 million to buy hormone-based anti-ageing supplements from the United States. Fountain of youth in tablets, so to say.

Source: Malaysiakini

It’s reported that the product could enhance growth hormone levels by more than 600 per cent if consumed rigorously. The squanderers’ testimony claimed that the supplement could boost energy levels, had better sleep, increased sex drive, decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass and better skin complexion.

Sources said that the purchase was made via cheques to a “Datuk” doctor in February 2015. The money could be traced back to Najib’s now-frozen AmIslamic account. The medication was bought in two sets, costing RM500,000 each, said the doctor when questioned by the authorities.

Additionally, Rosmah also bought RM100,000 worth of pure plant-based health food that could stimulate the human body to maintain youth, vigour and vitality. It’s said to have anti-ageing properties too. The purchase was made with the same account to a “construction work company” of a known address of Najib and Rosmah’s house in Taman Duta, NST reported.

The doctor had since resigned his vice-president position of a society linked to his area of expertise to prevent tarnishing its reputation.

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