Sabah Student Has His Head Stuck In A Cone After School, And Netizens Are Tearing in Laughter

You know fun just went too far after you cannot undo a misdemeanour. No, we are not talking about breaking a vase with a ball but getting a head stuck in a cone.

A Year 5 student had to hold onto his patience behind an embarrassed face when he had his head stuck in a green cone in SJK (C) school at Kuala Penyu, Sabah.

According to Berita Harian, a team of five bomba men from the Kuala Pneyu Fire and Rescue Department was rushed to the school compound when they received a stress call from the school at 2.26 pm yesterday (Apr 8).

A spokesman from the team said they arrived at the school within 12 minutes and used 30 minutes to remove the boy from the green cone.

“Removing the cone from his (the boy)’s head was tedious, we could hurt his lips if we are not careful,” the spokesman told Berita Harian during an interview today.

Over here on the internet, a video of four firemen using a saw to cut open the cone has gone viral. The 10-second clip showed the firemen trying to free the boy from his misery while also giving him more air to breathe.

Oh, poor boy and that poor cone. Source: Facebook| Info Roadblock

It was reported that the 11-year-old was unharmed and was handed over to his parents who were present at the scene.

The post gained more than 7,000 shares in less than 10 hours on Facebook and the video attained more than 380,000 views at the time of writing.

Netizens all felt sorry for the boy but at the same time, the majority of them found it amusing.

One netizen wrote, “Till the day you get old, you will never forget about this boy, sweet memories.”

Another netizen said, “I suddenly remember this movie…

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Minta maaf kat mak dan ayah budak ni.. Aku tak tahan.. Aku ketawa sampai keluar air mata.. Anak tuan tertalu advance”

“Forgive me, the parents of this boy. I just can’t take it. I laughed until I am tearing. Your child is too advanced,” one Facebook user said, presumably gasping for air as he wrote it.

You can watch the full video on the next page. 

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