Sarawakian Wins RM33.8mil Highest Magnum 4D Jackpot Ever, Plans to Expand Business

In the first week of the year, Malay Mail reported that Magnum 4D Jackpot had reached an all-time high amount at RM33 million, only RM200,000 away from the highest jackpot ever which was won in 2017.

Three weeks later, the jackpot prize money had grown to RM33,822,299 and evincing itself as the new record. On January 23, a Wednesday’s drawing, a Sarawakian had walked away with the RM33.8 million windfall with his winning numbers 5356 and 9322.

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According to The Borneo Post, two of his seven numbers correctly matched the first and second prizes on Magnum 4D result.

It is only revealed that the winner was a man. When commenting on the win, the overnight multi-millionaire said the win was truly amazing.

“I didn’t expect to win this big amount. I choose to play System Play Seven as I have seven numbers that are very special to me.

“Though I have won some prizes with these numbers in the past but this time, it is the biggest win,” said the champion punter.

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The Star reported the winner as saying that the money would be used to expand his business and improve his family’s living standard.

“I am running a small business and always wanted to grow it bigger if I had the money. Now that I have won the jackpot, I can fulfil my dream.

“I can now afford to provide a better life for my wife and children,” said the trader.


Sir, are you thinking to adopt a godchild now?

Magnum 4D has a feature called CASCADING which started on December 30, 2018. Once the first grand prize goes over RM20 million, the prize pool will flow into the second prize. And yes, there was someone won a second prize within this period.

A Magnum player, known as Tan, walked away with a few hundred grand more for hitting Jackpot 2 lately.

“I placed partial bets and won Jackpot 2 with a few hundred thousand extra cascaded from the Jackpot 1 prize.

“I hope nobody wins the Jackpot 1 this weekend so that Jackpot 2 will continue to grow bigger and the CASCADING can go on for a longer period,” he admitted.

When the jackpot was yet to be won, a punter surnamed Lim hoped that she would be the winner.

“If I win, I’ll place the amount in a fixed deposit and earn an extra RM1 million interest every year,” she said.

Source: tenor

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The RM33.8 million was the biggest 4D Jackpot in Magnum history but the amount was only half of the highest jackpot in Malaysia. According to The Sun Daily, a Penang businessman won RM69.6 million from Sports Toto with only RM50 in September 2017.

These lucky chaps!

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