Say Goodbye to Wendy’s Malaysia As She Discreetly Closes Down All Outlets In Malaysia

Wendy’s has closed down all of their franchise in Malaysia without saying goodbye as it is widely speculated that the local franchise holder did not renew its agreement with the franchiser.

Wendy’s Malaysia was operated by Berjaya Group’s subsidiary, Berjaya Burger Sdn Bhd.

According to The Star,  Twitter user Twt Bajet said that the franchise was closing because of Berjaya Group had decided not to renew its license.

Another user, Radikal Bebas, said the outlet in Paradigm Mall JB has recently closed its doors. And last Sunday (Mar 31), the store in Berjaya Times Square had winded up.

The daily ran a check on The Gardens’ outlet and found that the American fast food chain was closed as well, suggesting that the rumour may just be accurate.

Even the outlet in Genting Premium Outlet was not spared.

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When contacted, Berjaya Group declined to confirm on the matter. The Ohio-born burger chain’s closure in Malaysia was also reported by Inside Retail Asia and Hype.

Wendy’s Malaysia Facebook page has not been updated since early January; its Instagram and official website are no longer accessible too.

Many fans of Wendy’s were upset about the closure as they loved Wendy’s burgers.

One Facebook in disbelief commented, “Last year u said open 6 new outlet…now u closed 7 outlet…what a joke”.

Another netizen lamented, ” Wendy’s Malaysia, we will definitely miss you 😭😭”.

A netizen told the company to at least keep an outlet in Klang Valley and he would be satisfied.

“Noooooooooo, I really like Wendy’s burgerrrr”, one wrote on Twitter.

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Compared to other fast-food restaurants, Wendy’s was notable for having a vegetarian burger called Veggie Burger. They were also famous for their Mushroom Melt burgers, Frosty float, and variants of limited edition fries.

The first outlet in Malaysia opened in Sunway Pyramid, 2008. Wendy’s made an appearance in the country during the 80s but business did not last long then.

You will surely be missed!

What was your favourite burger in Wendy’s? Let us know in the comments below. 

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