Security Guard in Deep Sleep Despite Loud Bank Siren and a Man Screaming Inside

Talk about security guards in Malaysia will often make Malaysians scratch our heads as we are always thankful for their service but at times, they would pull some questionable moves, leaving us to wonder why are they there anyway.

The sentiment was exactly reflected in an incident on Friday late night (Mar 8) when a man went to a bank in Sri Kembangan, Selangor to deposit money.

For some unknown reason, the man was trapped in the automated teller machine (ATM) room and the siren was ringing. Taking his encounter to Facebook, Justin Lee said he had never been so unlucky when depositing money.

“What the hell. Once I entered, the alarm immediately went off. The door was locked right after and I was trapped,” Lee wrote on the post which has been shared over 12,000 times at the time of writing.

Lee was relieved when he found that there was a security guard sitting outside the bank. Thus, he tried to call the guard from inside, slamming the glass wall hoping that it would alert the guard.

Despite the thundering siren, the constant yelling and the thudding sound from the glass, the security guard was still in his sweet dreams.

“Darn it! I screamed so loud yet you (the guard) were still asleep.

“I can see how happy you are doing this job,” the agitated Lee wrote.

According to China Press, Lee said a passerby opposite the bank saw him screaming for help and came to wake the security guard. When the security guard was up, all he could do was shrugged and said: “I don’t know how to open the door.”

Lee later phoned 999 and eventually saved from the enclosure. When he was out, he filmed the exterior of the bank where he was trapped and it saw the guard was back to his comfortable seat.

In retrospect, Lee compared the experience to imprisonment and described that his jail was for the VIP.

“(The ‘jail’) is air-conditioned and has a security guard that protects you. All it left was abalone.”

The four-video post had gone viral since, attracting over 4,000 comments from the netizens.

“The security guard must have gone through some training − the martial art of sleeping,” one netizen joked.

Another troubled netizen asked, “It was so loud, how could the security guard still asleep?”

Some netizens were also found saying that the banks had started to lock the ATM room from 12am to 1am recently.

You can watch the full videos on the next page.

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