Seven Dogs Poisoned to Death at Home in Seremban and Puchong Residences

It looks like there have been some dog-poisoning episodes in Malaysia after 11 dogs were found dead at two residential areas in Puchong and Seremban.

According to The Star, five canines were found dead in Lavender Heights, Seremban, where one of them was owned by a resident.

Seremban OCPD Asst Comm Thiew Hock Poh confirmed a report which was lodged yesterday (Jan 5) by the dog owner.

Source: The Star

“A man who is the owner of one of the dogs lodged a report saying that his dog and two strays were believed to have been poisoned.

“We have already started our investigations and hope the public will stop sharing details of the case,” said Thiew.

The policeman said the case is currently investigated under Section 428 of the Penal Code in relation to mischief by killing or maiming animals. If convicted, the offender could face up to three years imprisonment or a fine.

An animal lover who only wanted to be known as Narin said the five dogs were believed to be poisoned with food laced with rat poison, adding that he knew who fed it to the dogs.

“Four were strays and one actually had an owner.

“Based on the information we received, we know who did this and we want the authorities to investigate them for animal cruelty,” said Narin.

Source: Malaysiakini

Meanwhile in Puchong, a dog owner tragically lost a family of dogs and puppies on Thursday (Jan 3).

Alex Chandran, 38, a resident in Batu 14, watched four puppies and two female dogs died one by one in his home, Malaysiakini reported.

Source: Malaysiakini

Chandran’s sister first witnessed the female dog acting strangely, thus she fed it with some water before rushing out to pick up her children from school. Little did she know that all of her dogs were going through tremendous pain after consuming meat laced with poisons.

“At about 1.30pm, when she (the sister) returned home, she noticed that another dog of mine was also in a very weak state. This was when she suspected that something must have happened to the dogs. I rushed home upon hearing of the incident.

“And then in front of my own eyes, one by one, the two dogs and four puppies died,” Chandran lamented.

Source: Malaysiakini

Chandran declined to speculate who might have poisoned his precious dogs and said he would leave the investigation to the authorities.

He said he fed the dogs with only lentil and eggs on Wednesday night (Jan 2) but he later found out that the food waste discharged by his dogs were not the same.

He suspected that someone must have fed chickens and crabs laced with poisons to his dogs as the food residue was found to have some bones and shells in it.

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