Shake Shack could be opening in Singapore

Shake Shack burger

The famous New York burger chain is rumoured to be opening up in our southern neighbour

Burger lovers might be in for a bit of good news if this particular piece of rumour is true. The famous New York artisanal burger chain, Shake Shack is rumoured to be opening in Singapore in the near future. If it’s real, that puts a Shake Shack restaurant not too far from our Malaysian shores. No need to fly to Seoul, South Korea, which is the nearest country that currently has a Shake Shack.

According to a report in 8 Days, they caught wind that the Shake Shack has awarded the rights to the Shake Shack franchise in Singapore to the South Korean F&B conglomerate, SPC Group, who so happens to also run the Shake Shack franchise in South Korea. The group also owns and runs the Paris Baguette chain of bakeries, which they also run in Singapore under a local subsidiary.

The rumours come as Danny Meyer, the founder of Shake Shack is in Singapore to give a talk at the Restaurant Association of Singapore. In an interview with 8 Days, the restaurateur was coy about the rumours, saying “I’d like to, it’s a possibility. My guys have visited Singapore thrice for site trips and they loved it here. It’s all about finding a good licensee.” Apparently, if the rumours are true, SPC is that licensee.

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi airport, the rumoured site for the first Shake Shack in Singapore

And to push the rumour further, it seems a location for the first Shake Shack outlet in Singapore has apparently been identified. It’ll supposedly be opened at Jewel Changi Airport, the upcoming five-storey complex connected to Changi airport’s Terminal 1. The new complex, slated to open in 2019, is supposed to house 300 shops, food and beverage outlets, as well as an indoor waterfall and a five-storey garden.

8 Days’ attempt to confirm the rumour with the Jewel Changi Airport management was interestingly met with neither denial or confirmation, except for a cryptic “We’ll try to get back to you soonest with a reply”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Shake Shack brand, it is one of the most popular burger chains to come out of the US in recent years. Starting off as a food cart in 2000 serving artisanal burgers at Madison Square Park, the burgers became so popular that the cart evolved to be a permanent kiosk in 2004. Eventually, it grew beyond that and now boasts 170 outlets in America and other countries. In Asia, South Korea currently has a Shake Shack outlet while another one is being opened in Hong Kong.

Shake Shack manhattan

The permanent Shake Shack kiosk in Madison Square Garden

It isn’t just the burger that Shake Shack’s famous for. Obviously, with the name Shake Shack, the other key item they have is their shakes as well as a host of other menu items. In the end, though, it’s their burgers that have brought them fame, with their “proprietary Shack blend” blend beef patty.

So if Shake Shack does open in neighbouring Singapore, would you be making a trip there for their famous burgers?

Source: 8 Days

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