Smokers Can Still Vape and Smoke Shisha in Restaurants Despite Latest Smoking Ban

The controversial smoking ban that upset smokers nationwide has slated all restaurants as non-smoking zone, regardless of whether it’s open-air or indoor vendor. Officially announced on August 11, the gazettement would start on January 1, 2019.

However, it seems that smokers could still seek alternatives if they want to take a puff while eating in public. According to The Star‘s report Saturday (Nov 17), Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said that the smoking ban didn’t include vaporised liquid nicotine (vape) and shisha.

Source: The Star

“For the time being, the ban will only involve tobacco products, but for vape and shisha, we will take regulatory and legal approaches but in other legislative categories,” said the Health Minister during the Award and Recognition of the Blue Ribbon Campaign 2018 yesterday night, a campaign that aims to create 100% non-smoking areas to protect the public from the dangers of cigarette smoke since 2013.

Source: The Star

When the smoking ban materialized next year, anyone caught smoking in restaurants would face a RM10,000 fine while the eateries that fail to enforce the law would also face RM2,500 fine.

You can read about it in our previous coverage here:

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