S’porean BMW Driver Caught Switching Car Plate at Johor Petrol Station, Fined RM8,000

On May 18, the owner of a Singapore-registered gold BMW 320i was filmed switching his car plate at a Johor petrol station, located about 10-minute away from the Tuas checkpoint, The Star reported.

Tan Hock Lai, 44, switched the original licence plate SLX27E to SKD2777C, which the latter belongs to a Hyundai Elantra registered in Singapore.

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The person who posted screengrabs of the video said he was baffled at Tan’s audacity to change his car plate in broad daylight, adding that many Singaporeans at the petrol station were also shocked.

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A check on MyEG, a site to pay outstanding traffic summonses, the imposter car plate was slapped with a RM150 fine for speeding at 8.24am on the same day.

The post exposing the BMW driver went viral with over 6,000 shares. In a follow-up post, the golden BMW switched back to its original car plate before entering back to Singapore.

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Today (Jul 9), a Johor Baru court has fined Tan RM8,000 for his offence under Section 108(3)(f) of Road Transport Act 1987, Straits Times reported.

The provision carries a jail term between one and five years or a fine between RM5,000 and RM20,000, or both.

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Tan admitted to the charge when it was read out in the court. He pleaded for leniency, claiming that he has been unemployed since January and is under a lot of stress.

In the end, he paid the fine in full.

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