S’porean Man Pretends to Be Possessed to Trick Daughter’s Friends into Giving Oral Sex

How much would one do to satisfy their wicked sexual gratification? Well, this Singaporean man would stop at nothing even if it means playing the silliest trick in the book.

According to the Straits Times, a 49-year-old technician was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment and 16 strokes of the cane yesterday (Mar 4) for using different methods to force three of his daughter’s friends into give him oral sex on four occasions.

The man acted like he was being “possessed” and frighten the first victim, who was one of his daughter’s 14-year-old friends, into submitting to his desires. He even staged himself turning back to normal after and asked the victim what had happened.

The offender also drugged the second victim by giving her sleeping pills before asking for oral sex. The girl managed to escape from his sexual assault but suffered an overdose after consuming too much of Nitrazepam, which she stayed in the hospital for three days.

The drug that the victim consumed. Source: presspharmacy

The man, described as a “dangerous sex predator” by High Court judge Hoo Sheau Peng, cannot be named to protect the identities of the victims, who are now 16. He pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault by penetration, one charge of causing hurt by means of poison, and one charge of molestation.

There were six other charges − including one for slapping and punching his daughter; one for threatening to fracture her face and limbs. All of which were taken into consideration.

It is reported that the offender’s daughter and the three girls were mutual friends since primary school and spent most of their time in the family’s flat. His wife worked on night shifts and could only return in the morning. Out of the four illicit oral sex occasions, he succeeded twice in getting what he wanted all from the same girl.

Source: News

Once, the second victim who lived at the same block went to the offender’s house to get some instant noodles but only found that the man was the only person at home. When she was collecting, he told her there was “something” outside and told her to stayed.

When she wanted to go home, he suddenly pretended to be spiritually possessed by performing silat moves and speaking in a deep voice. He undressed in front of her and told her that she had to perform oral sex on him if she wanted him to become normal again. Out of options, she complied.

In July 2017, the same girl was at the flat with the man’s daughter who fell asleep. The man then took the victim out on his e-bicycle. On the way back, he asked her for oral sex in a multi-storey carpark. She refused and started crying. But she complied eventually as he threatened to punch her while chocking on her neck.

Source: Self

He preyed on the second girl since October 2016 when she was staying at his flat after running away from home. When his daughter had left for school, he touched the victim’s breast and demanded that she had to fulfil his needs because she was staying for free.

The girl took refuge in the toilet and sent text messages for help. Two teachers later escorted her out of the flat.

The fourth occasion happened in the early hours of Aug 17, 2017. The man became angry when he found out that his daughter, the first victim and another girl used his e-bike without permission. After talking to his daughter at the staircase landing, he requested either of her friends to see him.

For illustration only. Source: Singapore Uncensored

The third victim went and met the 49-year-old as the offender’s daughter promised to look for help, presumably if things went wrong. At there, the man told the third victim to consume four sleeping pills and asked her to smoke a cigarette.

When she became lightheaded, he requested her for oral sex. The third girl managed to get away with the first victim and rushed to the latter’s flat where they locked themselves in until the police arrived.

20 years of prison 16 strokes of the canes! Let’s hope that the man truly knows how to defend himself inside the prison with Silat. 

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