Stubborn Smokers Ignore Ban But Some Found New Ways to Puff Away at Eateries

January 1, 2019 marks the first day of the smoking ban in all eateries nationwide. But it seems like some smokers continue to puff in the restaurants despite the gazettement has come into effect.

Reports by NSTThe Star and Sinar Harian have all observed smokers continue taking their puffs over meals in restaurants.

Source: Sinar Harian

Over at mainland Penang, NST reporters noted people were still smoking at some Nasi Kandar outlets in the first hour into the new year. Despite a worker of an outlet in Seberang Prai reminded the smokers about the new ruling, they ignored his warning. He even pointed to the no-smoking sign at the outlet but it was fallen to deaf ears.

Meanwhile, reporters from The Star went undercover to find out if the employees of restaurants in Petaling Jaya would prompt them not to smoke. The reporters visited six restaurants and only two reminded them of the ban while the rest did not practice the law which the operators are punishable to RM3,000 fine or six months imprisonment.

Source: The Star

It was two mamak outlets that reminded the reporters of the ban. A kopitiam in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, a fast food outlet in Phileo Damansara and a restaurant in SS2 did not put up no-smoking signs nor stopped the undercover reporters from lighting up. While a restaurant in Kelana Jaya did have the sign but none of its workers stopped them from smoking.

A Health Ministry van was seen in front of the restaurant in SS2 where an officer was using a megaphone to remind diners of the smoking ban and the penalty for flouting the regulations.

According to the new law, no one is allowed to smoke 3-metre within the food premises which is why some smokers have come up with a funny way to cope with the ruling.

Source: Facebook

Take a look at these two uncles where they have pulled the chair out of kopitiams just so that they could smoke. Hilariously, people even brought measuring tapes to the eateries and stood exactly 3-metre away from the table of the restaurants just to smoke.

Source: Facebook

A video capturing this deliberate effort was reshared over 19,000 times on Facebook.

Source: Twitter

Over on Twitter, another video was retweeted over 6,000 times where it saw three young adults sitting on chairs across the road of a kopitiam as they smoked.

Another viral tweet saw two diners “stole” the table and chairs of a restaurant and brought it out across the road, on a grass field, so that they could smoke.

“You do not let us smoke 3-metre within the premises? Come on, the rakyat is smart!

“We just steal the table and run! Hahaha,” the caption wrote.

Source: Oh Bulan

Source: Twitter

One netizen said it is a good move so that other diners are out of range from the second-hand smoke.

Source: Facebook

In another viral photo on Facebook, a man was seen holding up a summons and an unlit cigarette in front of a no-smoking sign. Many netizens found the photo hilarious but some pointed out that it is a traffic summons ticket and that the smoking offence fine is fake.

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