Students Get into Serious Fight Mid-Lesson But Turns Out to Be a Surprise for Teacher’s Bday

While Malaysia is currently swamped by the news about overprotective parents in relation to corporal punishment in school, it is nice to see that there is a teacher in Negeri Sembilan that is so loved by her students to the point that they decided to pull an elaborated prank just to celebrate her birthday.

Taking to Twitter, user @ilhan_zakaria‏ from Seremban posted a one minute and 34 seconds video two days ago (Jul 11) which saw the entire staged act.

“Happy birthday teacher ❤️ We all love you ❤️ Let’s retweet this many times so that even her children could see it,” Ilhan wrote on the post which has already gone viral with over 11,000 retweets.

In the video, two male students started out by having a fuss over a book placed in between their tables. One of them wanted the book to be closer to him.

Without warning, the student in a green uniform stood up and pushed the student in a blue uniform over the dissatisfaction. The student in blue, too, retaliated with double the force.

“Let’s take this outside,” the student in green said, to which the another agreed.

Meanwhile, the teacher kept shouting at the two to calm down but it was all fallen to deaf ears.

As the camera followed the duo, the two started to have a blow-out fight. The teacher chased after them, trying to separate the two hotheads.

She poured herself between the two and bear-hugged the student in green in a bid to constrain him.

But the student escaped her embrace and dashed to the grass field which suddenly a cake emerged with lighted candles. Dozens of students started singing Happy Birthday to the teacher, with broad smiles on their face while clapping in unison.

The teacher was caught by the turn of event and broke into happy tears. She gave the student in green one more hug and said, “I was afraid you would get detention.”

The female students came forward to the teacher who was trying to catch her breath. Everyone was in laughter. And so are we!

In the thread, it is revealed that it is the class’ final year at the school seating for SPM.

“We are the same class as last year’s. All of us are crazy and mischievous but we respect our teachers,” Ilhan wrote above a Boomerang video of the class doing funny faces.

Ilhan apologized over a Whatsapp message for the prank later that night but the teacher did not mind. She only wished the best for her students.

“Why am I crying over this video. I have a heart as fragile as a tissue,” wrote a sobbing netizen, while another added, “why is there dust in my eyes suddenly?”

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What a heartwarming incident. We absolutely love all the students of 5 Antah and the amazing teacher! 

Surely, she must be a great teacher or else the students would not have done this much for her birthday.

What are your thoughts on this prank? Let us know in the comments below.

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