Subang College Student Shoots Himself In Toilet With Stolen Pistol

As the world is getting more serious on issues pertinent to mental illness, we have seen a tragedy of the disorder in Subang Jaya, Selangor, yesterday.

According to NST, a 19-year-old college student shot himself with a gun he had stolen from a shooting club about 5pm, Wednesday. District police chief Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Azlin Sadari said the boy was found lifeless in a toilet of a Subang Jaya private college.

“The victim was found by the cleaner in a locked cubicle of one of the toilets at the college, with the pistol lying on the floor. The cleaner then reported the incident to a supervisor before a police report was lodged,” said Azlin.

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The police added that the victim, whose name is being withheld, only started his education in the college for ten months. As for the gun he stole, it came from a shooting club in Petaling Jaya which the victim was a member since 2015. The deceased  was attending a shooting practice two hours prior. Before he left, he brought a Walther pistol along with him without authorization.

When the club found out about the missing pistol, the management lodged a police report but it was too late, China Press reported. The boy locked himself in a toilet cubicle about 5.57pm and took his own life there.

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“His father said he was having some problems with depression over the past year or so,” said Azlin, adding that investigations so far didn’t show sign of foul play involved, and the case is classified it as a “sudden death report”.

There have been many reports and rumours about students committing suicide in Subang colleges and universities over the years. In 2015, a student plunged himself from the seventh floor of a university building. The same had happened in Sunway University in 2016. Those are just cases that were able to reach the headlines as there was probably a few more had gone under the radar, students that have studied at the campuses would know. Take these two blog posts for example: “The Pain Behind the Pride: Student Suicides at……” and “Another Suicide at……“. There is even a case where a lecturer took his own life too in 2012.

However, not all fault should be pointed at the universities there as they do provide depression or suicide prevention talks regularly and counseling services. It sure is a difficult issue to tackle as depression, unlike most disorder, has very subtle symptoms and a strong social stigma. We hope the government and all education institutions could double their effort in ensuring a healthy study environment is provided for the students, not just in terms of facilities but also a strong support system.

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