Sweet Sour Debates on Ahmad Maslan’s Latest Dish -Strawberry Fried Rice

Think of Cameron Highlands these days, it will bring your attention to only two things: its constituency by-election and strawberry fried rice.

Cameron Highlands by-election will be on January 26 to elect a new Member of Parliament to represent the residents there, probably not concerning strawberry policies. But they should because Pontian MP (Barisan Nasional) Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan has single-handedly destroyed the strawberry’s industry with his gastronomic creation − the strawberry fried rice.

Youth and Sports minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman called it an abomination, a crime more serious than multi-billion Ringgit scandal.

Nasi Goreng Strawberry? This is a more serious crime than 1MDB,” wrote the 26-year-old Minister.


Syed Saddiq’s predecessor Khairy Jamaluddin joined the roast party and said he was once a fan of Ahmad’s cooking until this “gross” recipe. The Rembau MP posted a pavlova cake and told Ahmad that there is where strawberry belongs.

Good spot Ahmad is, of course, unfazed by the criticism. In a rebuttal, he said it was not his original creation.

“I have never said the recipe of mine is original.

“Other cooks have made Nasi Goreng Strawberry and Nasi Lemak Strawberry before me. These four pictures are not my creations.

“Creativity knows no bound. This (dish) is for those who are not criminals and sinned,” Ahmad said in jest.

Apparently, strawberries are not strictly just for desserts when it comes to cooking. NST reported that there is a dish called “barbecued strawberry chicken” that is easily searchable on the internet. It is loved by reviewers.

More shockingly, the daily reported that Cameron Highlands is seeing Strawberry Sambal slowly taking off in popularity as Malaysians actually love it. According to a video review FeedMe Malaysia sighted, friends of the videographer said it tasted just like rendang.

“It tastes like masak merah (red-cooked chicken with tomatoes),” said another.

This female taster put it the best, “You know strawberries once you render it, it becomes sour and slightly sweet.” She hinted that it was those two flavours combined that made the sambal tasted good.

Source: SirapLimau

The overall consensus in the video said the sambal was amusing.

Do not be too quick to judge, guys! It could just be good. 

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