Taiwanese YouTuber’s GF Said Their Viral Sex Tape is Leaked and Has Lodged a Police Report

Recently, you might have come across photos of this lady going viral on social media with little to no context on KL community Facebook page. Captions accompanying the photos merely wrote, “I heard this lady is the hot topic lately. […] Do you know who is she?”

Well, as our fellow netizens are tormenting you with no information, FeedMe Malaysia is here to fill you in. This lady’s name is Xiao Huijun (蕭卉君), or better known as Shan Liang Liang (閃亮亮), and her sex tapes with her boyfriend have recently leaked on the Internet, creating a buzz in the Chinese community around the world.

Xiao Huijun (蕭卉君). Source: Instagram | irisxiao_

Huang Chaoming (黃超銘). Source: Instagram | chillbao23

Her boyfriend Huang Chaoming (黃超銘), or better known as Huang baobao (黃包包), is a content creator on YouTube with 91,00 subscribers. It regularly uploads prank, challenge and vlog videos with a group of good looking buddies.

The YouTube channel is called Tough Guys (硬漢兄弟), a name that reflects their boldness and muscular body. Their suggestive catchphrase “hard la” tends to steer viewers to lewd thoughts sometimes. Especially with their timely injection.

On the channel, the guys often strip themselves as challenges or for funny sketches, and they also discuss sexual topics in videos such as “Do men like big boobs?”

Several videos of Xiao and Huang having sex in a bedroom and toilet are being passed around on the Internet like a public secret. Two videos are in the bedroom where Huang is seen going on her from behind. In them, Xiao has her head buried in the pillows, making erotic sounds. Her face does not appear in frames but Huang’s unmistaken body tattoo can be seen clearly in the video.

In another video of them in a toilet, China Press described Huang manhandles Xiao’s left and right breasts with his strong hand in the scene, seemingly studious to cover Xiao’s mammilla. She faces front to the camera with her hand supporting her upper body on a tabletop while Huang supports her lower body with thrusting movements.

The total 2-minute runtime videos do not expose their private parts. This makes netizens speculate that it was Huang that deliberately leaked the video to gain fame.

According to Taiwanese news portal Next Magit is reported that videos of Huang’s masturbating were exposed online before. Photos of him naked were also posted on Facebook. It was his charming look and muscular body that gained him a substantial amount of following.

Source: Setn News


To that, Xiao made a public statement to deny the rumours and said that her boyfriend is blaming himself for not protecting her better.

“The person who leaked the videos is absolutely not Huang because the phone that shot the videos was mine,” Xiao said. She added that after filming and watching the videos, she deleted them.

She said her phone has never been sent for repair nor borrowed others for use. She does not know how to use the cloud service and has never accessed it. It must be a deliberate attack from someone, Setn News, a Taiwanese news channel, reported her as saying.

The couple said they had lodged a police report and urged the Internet to take down the videos or they would take legal action against them.

Source: Setn News

After the incident, Xiao continued to post pictures on her Instagram @irisxiao_ but has disabled the comment feature. The same goes to Huang’s Instagram @chillbao23.

“They were being set up by malicious people,” Peng Weilun from Tough Guys said. Source: YouTube | Tough Guys

In the latest video by Tough Guys yesterday (May 12), the channel’s host and management head Peng Weilun (彭偉倫), or better known as Ah Boguai (阿伯怪), tried to clear the air on the controversy. Peng appeared in his usual persona and said in the 4-minute video that Huang and Xiao were set up by malicious people.

Peng said no one would film their private moments and shared them on social media to gain watch time and subscribers.

“Our channel is viewed by a sizeable amount of people and I have confidence in the videos we make.

“Why would people think we purposely leaked (the sex videos) out?

“You guys are too creative to make this kind of speculation,” Peng said to the haters that have flooded his channel’s comment sections.

Peng Weilun took a deadly oath that his family would die if Tough Guys intentionally leaked the sex tapes. Source: YouTube | Tough Guys

To get the public to believe him, he made a deadly oath in the video, saying that if the videos were intentionally leaked by them, his family would die.

Source: NextMeg TW

Huang and Xiao met in a video when Tough Guys was filming a pickup girl challenge video. The team travelled from Taipei to Taichung to visit Xiao’s mother’s famous red bean bun store.

The store previously went viral on the Internet after the public found out that the store owner has a beautiful daughter that often came to help out. Netizens hailed her as Taichung’s Red Bean Bun Goddess (台中红豆饼女).

Source: NextMeg TW

In the video, Huang managed to woo Xiao and got her to agree to have dinner with him. Huang also got Xiao’s mother approval before they went on a hot pot date. The video was a hit on Facebook, getting over 7,000 shares and 1.9 million views.

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