UPDATE: Tealive is Ordered to Close All Outlets with Immediate Effect!

UPDATED as below: As the American adult-children lose their Toys R Us stores after its giraffe mascot bid an emotional goodbye, it looks like we would hear one soon from Bryan Loo as a report has claimed that all Tealive outlets are ordered to close “with immediate effect”.

According to prominent food and lifestyle online publication Discover KL, it’s reported that the one-year-old bubble tea franchise is ruled by the Court Of Appeal to shut down all of its outlets, dismissing its stay of execution.

Source: NST

Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, the company that also runs brands like Llaollao, Croissant Taiyaki and Gindaco, rebranded Chatime to Tealive overnight in February 2017 after a disagreement with the brand owner La Kaffa International Co Ltd on its business direction in Malaysia.

The Taiwan-based company had since filed an originating summons to seek an injunction to stop Tealive from operation but Loob Holding had applied for a stay and for leave to appeal to the Federal Court, which explained why Malaysians could still enjoy their bubble teas for the past two weeks.

However, Discover KL citing to The CanLaw Report wrote that the Court Of Appeal had just dropped Tealive’s stay application today and it’s ordered to cease all of its operations with immediate effect. It looks like 800 of Tealive staffs are in a shaky position right now as they are likely to lose their jobs in 161 outlets nationwide. It’s still unknown that the Taiwanese firm would take over Tealive’s business.

Discover KL’s post has gone viral now with over 700 shares at the time of writing. There’s yet to be a mainstream publication reports about the incident and there’s yet to be any statement made by the Loob Holding’s founder Bryan Loo or Tealive on their social media.

UPDATE: The SunDaily has confirmed the Tealive’s closure in its 7pm report on July 5. The Court of Appeal has rejected Loob Holding from operating as a competing business to Chatime for a period of two years, the former has breached various contractual and franchise law.

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