Teens Go Viral For Squashing Pastry and Destroying Other Food Items in Nilai’s New FamilyMart

Just yesterday (Jun 20), a group of teens went viral on social media after one of them was filmed making a mess in a newly open FamilyMart in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

The group of teens posted the videos on Instagram Stories (@luqbubbles) and they were seen laughing as a teen in a red t-shirt squished and shook various pastry products, causing the food to lose their appearance and texture.

Source: Facebook

The red-shirt teen also peeled open a bottle of milk tea, took a sip and placed it back to the shelf.

The footage of their act was reuploaded on Twitter and Facebook and it has gone viral with over 24,000 retweets and 8,500 shares respectively.

Source: Twitter

The FamilyMart was newly opened in Mesamall, Nilai on June 15.

Netizens were disgusted by the group of teens’ behaviour, describing them to having the characteristics of a devil or a mentally unsound patient.

Source: Facebook

Source: Twitter

After posting the videos and received some criticism, @luqbubbles posted another Instagram Story to say that they were just messing around and had bought the items they vandalized.

“Before you accuse us, run a check first. All the items I destroyed, I have bought them. I have taken them back,” said the red-shirt teen, while a friend of him jabbed that “haters gonna hate”.

Source: Twitter

The person behind the camera explained that if they really did vandalize the food item, they would have been caught by the CCTVs found in the store. The red-shirt teen added there were people behind them who saw their act, prompting his “haters” to think with their brain before accusing them.

However, a tweet claimed that the boys did not purchase the destroyed food as they said in the video.

The tweet wrote, “you guys should know that the boys did not buy all the items they destroyed. My friend’s friend works there said she had to clean the mess.”

In the aftermath of everything, @luqbubbles posted an apology video yesterday at 12am.

In it, the red-shirt teen, appeared less arrogant in a black jacket, said that he apologized for his action and he was back here in the FamilyMart to say sorry to the staff. He also said he would pay for the damage he caused.

You can watch the full vandalism video on the next page.

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