This Thai cafe will give you a discount if you’ll lie down in a coffin

Kid Mai Death cafe coffin

Would you lie down in a coffin with the lid closed so you’ll get a discount on your drinks?

A good cafe isn’t just about the coffee. It’s the ambience and setting that paints the overall experience for a cafe goer. That being said, some cafes do have some of the weirdest themes you can think off. Like this particular cafe called Kid-Mai Death Cafe, which, as you can tell by the name, has death as its theme.

Located near Soi Ari 1 in Bangkok, Kid-Mai Death Cafe really takes the cake when it comes to the death theme, featuring it in almost every aspect in its establishment. There are replicas for a funeral ceremony on display including, yes, a proper coffin, together with wreaths and skeletons, you know, the works.

And the coffin isn’t just for show either. Customers can actually take a gander at lying IN the coffin with it’s lid closed for three minutes. Now if you’re claustrophobic, this isn’t exactly a good idea and even if you’re not, it’ll take some serious courage, or a twisted mind just to attempt it.

And if you successfully manage to last the whole three minutes in the coffin, there’s discount that’ll come of your total bill. Just don’t expect much though as it’s only 20 baht (around RM2.50). For some that might not exactly be worth it to be stuck in a coffin for a whole three minutes.

According to staff of the cafe, the whole idea of the death theme is to have customers appreciate and contemplate their everyday lives, as sometimes you may not be waking up the next day. Morbid, we know. Of course a cafe without decent drinks isn’t much and Kid-Mai Death Cafe does have the drinks to fit in with their overall death theme. With names like “Born”, “Elder”, “Painful” and “Death”, you know you’re in for some fun times.

So will you be visiting this Death Cafe the next time you’re in Bangkok?

Kid-Mai Death Cafe
Address: 1191 Phaholyothin rd. Phayathai Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Open: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closes: Sundays and holidays

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