Thai Fortune Teller Foresees Dr M to Step Down Due to Poor Health and “Riots” This November

Do you believe in prophecy? If you don’t, do take this reputed seer’s vision of Malaysia’s future political landscape with just a pinch of salt.

In a show called Supernatural Hotline produced by ON.FM, a local online video and radio media company, hosts Ben Kwok and Darren Lee went to Thailand to visit Navaracha Pinitlokakorn, also known as Prai, who is a respected and renowned fortune teller.

Source: YouTube

According to reports and the show, Prai had successfully predicted Sabah earthquake incident back in 2015 and a burning of a building in Kuala Lumpur which later turned out to be the controversial fire broke out in Bukit Aman police headquarters in July 2015. She rose to fame in 2014 when she tearfully foretold in a television interview that she saw a plane or a ship disappeared in an imagery of submersion. Both of which turned out to be true in that year where Malaysia Airlines’ MH370 disappeared in March and Korea’s sinking of MV Sewol in April.

Source: YouTube

Cursed by a psychic gift since she was a kid, Prai grew up with the ability to look into the future and see supernatural beings. Her concerned mother then sent her off to England in hopes that it would leave Prai away from the influence of the spiritual world. However, the curse wasn’t geographical relative. She continued to see zombies in the United Kingdom. She vowed to turn her curse into a gift now and used it for good such as by warning people of calamity.

Prai looked into Malaysia’s future through a photo of Dr Mahathir. Source: YouTube | ON.FM

Kwok and Lee used the opportunity to ask about the future of Malaysia since Pakatan Harapan ousted Barisan Nasional’s 61-year rules. The episode was published on August 26 but it’s said to be recorded on July 11.

Speaking in Thai, Kwok translated Prai’s prediction saying, “this coming November, this mister (Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) would have an ‘operation’ that would attract a lot of people.”

“And in this gathering, a lot of people would argue.

In a bid to clarify her claim, she elaborated that Dr Mahathir would possess a new idea in September and it would materialize in November which saw a crowd of people coming out to protest.

“The riot wouldn’t be serious but protestors would come out to brawl. This fracas would happen from November to March 2019.

“The narrative would revolve around the arrest of people and operation to hunt down some individuals,” Prai foretold.

After that, Kwok asked if Malaysia would become a better place after the riot in which she said it would, adding that the ruling coalition would become stronger and more united after the trying period.

“Advise Mahathir to take good care of his health. The change for the better will come in June 2019.

“Someone would replace him (Dr Mahathir) in the month,” Prai continued.

She said that Dr Mahathir’s health would deteriorate next year but someone would step up to aid the premier. She described the next person that succeeds Dr Mahathir as a very arrogant person that wouldn’t follow advice.

Prai’s foresight couldn’t see if Anwar Ibrahim would succeed Dr Mahathir. Source: YouTube | ON.FM

The fortune teller couldn’t see that if the successor is PKR president and Prime Minister-in-waiting Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim but the person is described to be an individual that wouldn’t go back on his words.

Recent news reports were filled with rife rumours that claimed that a PH lawmaker would vacate his or her seat for Anwar to become a Member of Parliament and prepare him to succeed Dr Mahathir in the future. And it turns out to be true! Latest reports hours ago (Sept 12) revealed that Port Dickson MP Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah had vacated his seat for Anwar.

Source: Malay Mail

According to Malay Mail, Danyal had submitted his resignation letter to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker earlier and a by-election would soon be invoked to allow Anwar to contest in Port Dickson, a constituency with a fair distribution of ethnicity.

The constituency was known for being BN’s “vote bank” as it’s home to a significant military population. The win of PRK in Port Dickson was among the more unexpected upsets in the 14th General Election and with Anwar contesting there would mean a lot because Anwar is a leader for all races. Alor Setar MP Chan Ming Kai said that the turnout rate of the by-election is crucial for the coalition as “it will directly impact the morale of PKR members”, The Star reported.

Source: Malay Mail

A formal announcement of Anwar contesting in Port Dickson by-election will be made in a press conference soon.

Although the fortune teller Prai couldn’t see who would arise after Dr Mahathir’s “imminent” health complication, let’s hope the predicted riot doesn’t concern the swearing-in of Anwar as the eighth Prime Minister but rather the “arrest of people and operation to hunt for individuals” who would upset BN grassroots supporters.

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